16 January 2011

singing and cleaning

I love my neighbors - 
They come help me pack up all the old stuff
and donate it.... they just want to see me get better!
And finally stay better!

It's like I'm in Rehab or something....
Perhaps I am! And this is my Group Therapy.

Before and After my closet lost 1,000 pounds of junk!

Took everything out and started over again.
How quickly it piles up!
Just mismatched things - out of place.
Normally, the doors are closed.
So here it looks 100 times worse.

If there is ever a "junk war,"
I have about a 5 years supply stockpiled away.
Still have plus size clothes.
Those have to go!

Talk about your bad habits.
I was in the habit of just putting things down.
Not putting things UP.

All in good time, my pretty....
All in good time!

Yummy salad with all the low carb trimmings.
Instead of croutons, these are pork rinds.

Hard boiled eggs
Instead of pickles, made with 1,000 island dressing

Yerba Mate Tea.
Instead of being served in a gourd, a mason jar..

And Patsy Cline
Back In Baby's Arms
Instead of dreading housework....
(this is more like de-cluttering)
We turned up the music and made it fun!

YouTube Video
Music to clean by
All for fun - What a mess!


  1. I LOVE Patsy!! And, what is Yerba Mate tea?? I've seen you write about it, and I'm curious.....

  2. I'll get you my pretty...you are such a kook, Anne...in a good way. I'd be hiding if I came to your house, the way you're always whipping out that video camera of yours. Enjoyed the song.

  3. I go out walking after midnight,
    Out in the moonlight,
    just like we used to do......
    Not really - that's another Patsy Cline song!

  4. If you like sweet pickle relish in your eggs, Netrition has a yummy no sugar added one made by Mt Olive. It's excellent!

  5. No deviled eggs for me but good job decluttering. Yes here I am awake at 4:52am. I'd like as my neighbor too.

  6. How does stuff accumulate so quickly anyway? Nice neighbors to come to the going out party.

  7. Looks like you had a good time. My kitchen is white and sage green but I bought red dish drainer and pots and pans etc. Love that combo.:)

  8. We decluttered when we moved from the townhouse to our little apartment in Hamilton. It's amazing the stuff we just keep for no reason. I still had wedding gifts in their original boxes - from over 20 years ago.

  9. "We all need a script honey!!" CLASSIC!

    And I have eaten many Mt. Olive no sugar added sweet pickle gherkin midget thingees over the holidays--a favorite!!!! Will have to look for the relish!

    Happy Sunday honey!

  10. Big Patsy Cline fan here. That's our camping music.

    Sounds like you have some great neighbors. Time to get rid of plus size anything.

  11. I never tried the relish,
    but about 3 different people liked it on FB
    so it must be a convergence or something!
    I like the little sweet pickles wit the little girl on the label
    who is sticking her tongue out kinda sideways....
    Best Maid - 8 carbs per pickle - I use the salad dressing
    instead, to add a little fat for ketosis.... an yummyness

  12. I hate clutter, so although my place is very tidy, having three people and four cats living in a two-bedroom apartment does make me quite stressful, although we try to make best use of the space so it's not TOO cluttered!

    If I was nearby, I'd love to help!

  13. I like relish in my chicken and egg salads, but I tried the no sugar Mt Olive I got from Netrition (ick). Din't like it. BUT...I still mix it with DILL RELISH (I do both, some dill, some sweet, for the sweet / sour effect).

    Who wouldn't love Patsy??? That lady had some voice.

    I'm a clutter/hoarder. But I've started to slowly get through the vast ordeal. I even am getting, later on after I did some of the most obvious and worst decluttering, to get an expert in. I have thousands of books, heaps of old clothes and shoes,a nd just...crap that accumulates. I want to be free of fat AND clutter.

    Anyway, keep singing and laughing....

  14. LOVE that clock!!!

    Polar's Mom

  15. Thanks!
    It's one of the many cool-beans things I found whilst cleaning!

  16. Cleaning is cleansing. I LOVE it! The salad looks beautiful. I wondered about the eggs with the dressing. :)

  17. Oh you two are way too cute :) I clean better when i have my mp3 on and i blast the music and i must sink out loud because Ralph laughs his head off :)

  18. Not to sure about your eggs but as long as you like them, yeah!!!
    I am slowly going through everything here. With a small home and a daycare business from home, it quickly adds up.
    Take care Anne, have a blessed evening.

  19. What wonderful neighbors you have, and I am sure you are a good neighbour as well. Must feel better with all that sorting and cleaning done.
    .......:-) Hugs

  20. I wish I had you and your neighbors for MY neighbors!!!! :)


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