22 January 2011

happy induction, lady!

A neighbor knocked on the door. Said I either ran over a Green
Alien form Outer Space - or Trucky was leaking anti-freeze!

The awesome guys found the leak - No Aliens -
And fixed it  - no charge!
It was a defective part. No towing. No being stranded.
My lucky day!

Went to the store to buy Macadamia Nuts. 
The perfect LoCarb snack. I was talking about 
Low Carb with the uber - cool employee guy
 who helped me find them.  He said,  
"Happy induction, lady!"  Induction? Well,
I guess I could stand to lose a few pounds!
Winking smile

All kinds of different salts at Central Market.
Here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

All kinds of different coffees!
I must admit that since it's been in the 30's outside, 
I have had a cup of Brazilian coffee in the morning.
But just one cup of the highly caffeinated stuff.
No problems from it at all. In fact, it was nice to
have some "real' coffee again.

People at work don't even ask if I want some cake anymore.

A Red Box Movie night - Inception
Have you seen it? That's an example of how I think
in "real life." My new fave movie.

I haven't had any real interest in things like film
for over a year. It felt good to like some thing again.

A great evening sky!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!
Any big plans? Do tell!...


  1. Where do you live? I'd love to go to that store! lol Inception is one of the movies I want to see, but haven't yet. I've heard it's excellent.

  2. Inception... loved it!!

    I was over at Dr Michael Eades blog tonight, and read his views on why it's so hard to lose those last few pounds (not that I am anywhere near that yet, LOL!). You might've already read it... and a lot of the info is in the comment section. I think it might have been this one (not sure, since I read several):


  3. Wonderful Sky photo - Looks fabulous

  4. I'm so glad Trucky is none the worse for wear. Big plans? Not so much. Bick is coming into town. He wants to go shopping for some bigger pants (and a treadmill). I'll fix dinner and we might take in a movie. I don't think that qualifies as big.

    I'm getting ready to hop on Cha-Cha and Trainer Joe and get my sweat done. Have a great weekend, Anne.

  5. Lovely sky, Anne. Those nuts look wonderful but they can be a trigger food for me. I allow myself some but then it is hard to stop them at a reasonable amount. I have to be conscious of fat as well as carbs. Hugs!

  6. Haven't seen Inception yet, but I am planning to. Will be even more interesting now since I am curious to see what you mean by saying that you think like that in real life.

    Woohoo, leak fixed and no charge! I bet that gentleman was totally charmed by your smile and cool spiky hair! ;)

  7. Totally LOVED inception, and more than that, love the fact that you wanted to watch it. That guy was a little cheeky, huh? Probably more a reflection of his knowledge about macadamia nuts and their relationship to induction than a statement about you. Because you look FABULOUS!

    Have a great weekend, Anne!

  8. Beautiful sky, and boy oh boy, did you get lucky with the leak fixed free of charge! I haven't seen Inception, but I hear it was interesting. The last movie I saw was Black Swan. It was very intense and very good. The themes about striving for perfection really resonated with me.

  9. I could probably eat a whole can of macadamia nuts!

  10. Matt - me too!
    That's why I get a small amount
    in bulk - so I won't be out of whack
    if/when I over-eat the whole thing!

  11. He mustve said, "Happy Inception Lady!" thats all. Kids! :-D
    You look maaahhhvelous dahling! And glad to hear Trucky got all patched up--for FREE no less!

  12. mmm, Macadamia Nuts... I hear aliens like them too.

    Have a Great Weekend!

  13. All I could think about was how great that store must have smelled with coffee and nuts galore. Everything is bigger in Texas...just like that awesome sky :)

  14. Inception had me thinking for days...layers on layers... i saw cocoa nibs at the vitamin shoppee about $9 --wow..couldn't do it

  15. Nice of someone to inform you of the leak so you could pop on over to the garage. Glad it was fixed and no charge too. Cool.

  16. Good job they don't have that store here as i think they'd have to drag me out :)

  17. I love nuts, but macadamias are just too squidgy for me! Almonds are my fave. :o)

  18. Now that nuts are my nightly treat, I placed an order with The Nutty Guys (had a groupon). It's shipped! Included macadamias, numsy.

    And Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees are my faves. I don't know why, but there's a particular quality to Brazilian coffee (from cheapo to gourmet) that appeals to me. I had some Brazilian Safira Bourbon beans in my java this am. Mmmm. Ethiopians are by far my preferred. Ademe Bedane and Yirgacheffe. OMg, that stuff gives me orgasms via the taste buds. I start oohing and aaahhing so loudly my hubby sometimes comes from teh other room to see what's up. "Like, did you start without me? hahah"

    I love walking about and shopping "with" you, A. Keep the photos coming. And, of course, Doodle Tuesday.

  19. truck took a tinkle... LOL

    sorry ... I was having a moment

  20. That last photo is just STUNNING! Wow!

  21. I cheered for the coffee you got!! The cake looks delicious! :D


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