09 January 2011

every day is a gif

Every Day Is A Gift

What's the return policy?
Re-gifting allowed?
Whaddaya mean, 'I can't get a refund?'

This day was "funky." Can I trade up?
It had shreds of the past all through it.
Like it was used. Stained.

And the future-predictor oscillator seems out of whack.
I can't tell the future, and yet, I need to control it!

Other people got a better-looking day than I did.
Mine was just all this striving and working.
Hardly fair at all! I had an expectation of more.

All days are given "As Is"
I guess it's up to us to make something with it!
The present.

I want to talk to the Manager!
Who's in charge here?

[Me? ]

YouTube Video
Hope your day is a gift!


  1. Love that song and I never get tired of hearing it!

  2. love that the first comment is yours...and after watching the news...just know that you aren't the only one whose day was less than stellar....some days just suck. And even though my day was adequate....other's really really bad day took any shine off mine. Hope your tomorrow is better.

  3. As is ... caveat emptor ... what? I didn't buy into this. You're right, Anne, it's up to us to make something with it.

  4. "Who's in charge here?"
    [Me? ]

    Good reminder! You are right, it is up to us.


  5. Eh, would be nice to get a refund for a bad day. I'd ask one for yesterday. Would be a lot younger, too, if I could go back a day for each unsatisfactory one I had so far. A LOT younger. I wish.

  6. After this week i'm definitely realizing that every day is a gift and what we do with it is what makes us who we are!

  7. This day is TOTALLY not what I ordered!

    Brilliant post!

  8. It is a gift to be awake before everyone else and have some quiet internet time to check in on my blogging friends, like you. :) However, it is not such a gift that my cats are especially rowdy today and are tearing my room down. I guess we have to take the good with the bad and play with the hand we've been dealt.

  9. "Every day is a gift" is popular Hospice saying.
    "And that's why they call it The Present."

  10. Great post, Anne. We are each in charge of our own recovery. We encourage each other and care about each other but we are the only ones who can do it. I really like this post.

  11. It's all what you make it out to be! You said it yourself, you are in control!

    PS: I think you're amazing and I expect you to kick your funk out the door and DO SOMETHIN' 'BOUT IT! :D

  12. I think I sometimes forget I can make life what it is, or at least the most of what it is! We can get caught up in waiting for things to happen, or waiting to do things etc. This is a nice positive reminder :-)

  13. Return policy: The world just takes. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. I will invest in that which is eternal...the present.

    All you lovely people feed my soul!

    Thank you Anne for your daily blog and Thank you all who comment the love is most nourishing.

  14. i do love that song, hope things look up for you.

  15. And clever, too.
    "Gif" and not "gift"?
    I get it!
    I get it all!

  16. Happy New Year! Hope all is good with you. Look forward to catching up on your earlier posts when time allows..! :)

  17. It's always a good thing remind others that the present is the only thing we really have.

  18. Love the words "everyday is a gift"!

  19. Today is lovely!! I really like your chatter here. Sometimes I think my comments don't do enough justice though. Cheers to your day, today!!

  20. Love it...especially "can I talk to the manager?!" heh.



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