19 January 2011

retro day

Eat sh!t  --- and die
No thanks! 

Oh, there you are!
I was looking for you.
(Looking for Mr. Goodbar)

Beauty from a different era.
Or E.R.A.

A Sego commercial

And Sego is great for my ego!

I see Annie... and Winnie... and Harry....
and JJ... and SS.... 

I was on Romper Room once...
It was a kiddie show back in the 60's.

I was sick in the hospital (again)
Maybe 4 years old. Pneumonia.
And they hosted the show from there.
Probably some charitable Christmas
Show Special.... They wheeled me down
to the lobby in a burgundy little dress and 
and nasal cannula.
My 15 seconds of fame!

It's dark when I leave for work and dark when I come home.

I'd like to buy a vowel....
An "E" please?
We just can't shop at the P P Boys!

Hope your day is all happy and warm and fuzzy and stuff!


  1. Oh, wouldn't it be cool to have a bit of that film of you, cannula and all!

    I used to watch Romper Room in NYC. Hey, we all wanted to be DoBees.

    But they never, ever, ever called my name....I guess in the early/mid-sixties, Latino faces didn't show up much in the mirror. Well, Jose...that came up. Maria once in a while. But never...Mirta.... :(
    Did you draw on the tv for Winky Dink?

  2. soon enough
    light on the way to work
    and light on the way home
    soon enough
    lovely spring greens return

    and fleeting romper room fame
    is but a whisper
    compared to the lasting impressions
    you create here every day

  3. My Romper Room gig was probably edited out....
    My cute little pathetic face!
    The hospital was run by Nuns.
    And I grew up knowing I would
    either become a Nun or a Nurse.
    I was in the hospital all.the.time!
    I love the smell of band-aids and
    rubbing alcohol! (Odd, I know!)

  4. P P Boys, LOL!

    I remember shopping at Pep Boys with my older brother when I was a little kid. :-)


  5. I remember Romper Room but I was never on it. I remember though that sometime by grandmother called me Doo-Bee because I was always so well behaved around her. Don't be a don't-bee to day!

  6. Romper Room, my Mom hated Romper Room and wouldnt let us watch it, she said it was wasn't televisions place to educate what ought to be taught at home. But watching Batman & Robin was A-OK thankfully!

  7. i must be to much of a youngin, because I dont know what that show was.
    I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark as well. it kinda sucks :(

  8. I don't remember Romper Room but I did watch Capt'n Kangaroo. Loved that show. He came on at lunch time everyday.
    I love your post. Thank you for making my day.
    Have a great day today. Hope everyone stays healthy for you. Being a bedside nurse I'm sure has lots of "those" challenges.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  9. P P Boys! They'll fix ya right up! And I do remember Romper Room. They always saw a Suzie somewhere, but it wasn't ever me!

  10. I really enjoyed this trip down memory lane. But the P P Boys? THAT CRACKED ME UP!

  11. I remember Romper Room!

    Coming and Going in the dark? I'm pretty sure that will resolve itself as the seasons continue to roll around.

  12. My cousin was on Romper room too :)

  13. I gave you a "Stylish Blogger" award on my blog a couple of days ago! :)

  14. I remember Romper Room. Is that show still on? Ahh, now we know what influeced you to become a nurse. Always in the hospital - poor little Anne, but you grew up to be strong, helpful and caring. Your 15 seconds of fame is not over...you entertain us every day.

  15. PP BOys? LOL

    I'm afriad I never saw or heard of Romper Room. I'd love to see the video clip of you though.

  16. I'm fascinated by signs with burned out letters. Good one!

  17. I'm a nostalgia freak! Especially when it comes to toys from my childhood (70s). :)

  18. lol You are always entertaining, Anne. P P Boys. Love the picture of the lights. Very artsy. I remember Romper Room. Was it a mirror or a magnifying glass the lady looked through? My favorite show was this giant. He had a cool dollhouse. I think that's why I loved the show. I wanted the dollhouse.

  19. I remember Romper Room. Didn't one little ditty go something like this: "Romper, Stomper, Bomper Boo..." Can't remember the rest. I think my kids wantched it. (I'm really old!) Great photo of you looking in the mirror!

  20. Mandy was on Romper Room Once. I'm sure she'll tell you the story.

    I used to watch RRoom all the time too and I loved my Romper Stompers! I also loved Capt. Kangaroo but to this day I STILL love Sesame Street best. :)

  21. 15 seconds of fame for that baby with a cannula made me go- ouch. Sigh. Life does make you smile at the ewwwest of moments, doesn't it?

  22. Sego: now I had not heard of that for along time. I think my mom had it in our house when I was in my tweens. Don't remember the jingle though with it.Definitely dates me....

  23. Lanie! I was on Romper Room! I will have to blog about the experience. I know I was not edited out as it was live in 1976. :D

  24. Wow it was just a dream in the 60's to think we could see our friends wherever they were and talk to them...today its called skype... a romper room in the sky.

    I loved this post; a little nostalgia, a little fun and always a warm blessing at the end for a happy day.

    Thanks Anne and hope your day is happy, warm and fuzzy too.

  25. I was on Romper Room in 1976 in NYC. I believe the host was Ms. Rosalyn. Does anyone know how to get the tape?

    Thanks Gordon.Hiland@consultant.com


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