07 January 2011

back at work

Off to work with Advil in hand

Another small town in the middle of nowhere

A vending machine for lettuce
"Have a nice salad!"

Come back next summer

We buy crap gold

Less talk - more work, ladies - 
"Or I'll snatch ya bald headed!"

These two watched me all day long
They are plottin' sumpin'

Just about the time my headache went was going away,
I ran into a door and hit - my head.

It didn't help the headache at all, actually!
Nope, not one bit.

Good Advice and lots of water

A tea ball filled with Yerba Mate
With a plastic cup instead of a gourd,
and a straw for the bombilla!
 Did I mention my thumbs are double-jointed?

And don't go asking them if they have any powdered sugar....
Or size 3X shirts, either! 
They might not appreciate the humor!

Hawksley Workman
YouTube video
[one of my faves]

Have a nice ..... salad!


  1. hey! those two are here too and watch me all day long with their friends barbie and ken.

  2. Ouch! How rude of the door to stand in your way!

    Hope the headaches go away soon!

  3. I remember saying to my mom when I was little, "I can't wait until I'm an adult and I can go to the Adult Book Store!" That was 'sumpin' she didn't want to hear!

  4. Great photos today, Anne. I would love to get into some photography but until we can afford a second car. I'm limited on where I can shoot. I don't think my neighbors would appreciate me walking around snapping shots of their houses etc.:)

  5. Powered sugar or 3XL shirts!!! Hilarious!!! Sorry about the boo-boo. Hope the headache is long gone! ;-)

  6. So you run into doors too. Wow. Hubby and I both are talented that way as well. We each have had surgery to elbows and continually hit the exact place on the elbow that gets a loud response. Oh year, some curse words too. I feel for your headache, my only headaches are sinus pain. I have to walk around with my hand on my nose so I breathe warm air, so naturally my hands have to be clean all the time. At least you have your double jointed thumbs to entertain you when your head is bursting.

  7. Ouch! I'm glad I'm not the only one who runs into doors! Thank heavens for Advil!

  8. LOL! I love your posts.

    I hope your head is feeling better. You ever try that quarter trick? Where you hold a quarter up to your forehead and psychologically try to pull your head pain away from your head and INTO the quarter? I always do it when a migraine hits: and it works. The mind is one powerful thing!

  9. Oh, I don't know. If you walked in there asking for powdered sugar or 3X shirts, while naked yourself, they might be okay with the humor. It is all in the delivery ...

  10. You Smoke Baby!

    and so does Ann...I've been watching those numbers climb and the challenge is in sight!

    Dang we are all smoking!

  11. The porn shop in with the arcade... I guess the kids don't get bored there do they? lol

    Sorry about the door! :(

    Feel better!!!

  12. Hey!!! all my fingers are double-jointed like that, so that when I bend them "up" it looks as if Im cupping my hand backwards...LOL! And Ive never heard of Hawksley Workman but I really liked the song. It reminded me of my all-time fave band Split Enz. Cant think of the specific song, but something off an album called Time & Tide. I love your posts :-D

  13. Love the pictures. Too funny about the lettuce machine. :)

  14. Sorry to hear about your boo boo hope it feels better quickly. Cool looking tea ball, I need one of those :)

  15. Don't turn your back on those two! Definitely up to something.

    Glad you are back at work. My computer woes are now fixed. Yay! A new computer solves everything.

  16. Ouch head. I like the round thing in the tea. Yay water AND advil AND happiness!

  17. I have this song on iTunes - the title there is "Addicted!"
    An thanks for all your kind words about my headache.
    ... a blond walked into a bar ..... ouch!

  18. Hope your headache is better Anne, if it continues much longer I think you should see your doctor, it seems to have been around a long time.
    Have a great weekend....:-)Hugs


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