08 January 2011

transitional day

I don't know much about art,
but I know what I like in suction machines.

I put BioFreeze on my neck - 
it helped my headaches - for now!

I don't wear glasses - except to see and to drive.
I take them off to read.... no bifocals for me!

Just cuz I simply don't need them!
My vision has actually improved 
since I've been on LoCarb.
When, and if that time comes for bifocals,
I will certainly get them...

It's been over a month since I've started 
on the caffeine reduction. No Monsters for weeks -
 and only 100ish mg of caffeine a day.

Like they say in Nursing School -
The pain will go away when it stops hurting!

No pounds off of me yet -
But lots of inches... here and there....
Almost ready for a size small

No cokes here -just sugary fruit flavored drinks.
And v8.  And the waters?  They were sold out.

Beef and Cabbage Soup - Before and After

It's so hard to shower with all of
these wheelchairs under your arm

Driving home

Santa - seen here hanging out in front of stores,
Trying to sell the last few gifts he didn't deliver.
From the look on his face, he's been at the EggNog again....

"Pssst! Over here! Hey buddy - wanna buy
some Magic Dust?"  Try craigslist - just sayin'....

Typical small-town convenience store
In a typical small town

Forget the Town Square - 
This is where the real town meetings occur
chomp chomp

Having a good weekend?
I hope surely do hope so!


  1. :) I love your nurses' outfit! It's cute! The flower is happy and the biofreeze sounds like a blessing! Hope your head feels awesome today! Happy weekend! :)

  2. Caffeine in high doses can take its toll. I know that eventually your body will recover. I hope you begin to feel some small amount of relief soon. Like today.

  3. I actually feel better -
    The BioFreeze to the neck did the trick!
    Musta been stress.
    That, and withdrawals!

  4. "It's so hard to shower with all of these wheelchairs under your arm."

    You have me rolling on the floor! (Great exercise, by the way!)

    I'm glad the biofreeze did the trick. I'm praying you kick the withdrawals to the curb ASAP.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Anne!

  5. It's a well known fact that Canadians like to "winter" in Florida.... Now I know where Santa goes to beat the cold - Dallas. And he deserves an egg nog...or three after the month he's had!!!

    Love your posts Anne

  6. I love your sign interpretation, plus everything else you said. And everything you ever have said. Or done. And are. But that's it.

  7. "It's so hard to shower with all of
    these wheelchairs under your arm"


  8. That Wigwam place looks cool!

  9. Love Whataburger so much but it's not part of the master plan right now.

    Size small?! Daaaaang. You're melting!!!

  10. mmm whataburger. I'm so jealous.

  11. Matt -
    That is a What-A-Burger and
    it is like a New Texas cool place.
    It's like "In and Out" is in California.
    Young and old pounce upon it at all hours.
    I think there was a changing of the guard a few years ago,
    and Dairy Queen got booted out.
    What-A-Burger has an awesome
    double bacon cheeseburger that
    would make a LoCarber cry!
    Now if only they had a wrap...

  12. Great photos, Anne. I'm getting your with the pounds being stubborn but the clothes getting looser. I had just gotten in 14 pants and medium blouses but yesterday I had to continually hitch my pants up. Almost read for a size 12 I think. The odd part is that the scale is going up a bit instead of down every since I started exercising.

  13. we used to have What a burger here in California... years ago when I was in high school... they were delish!!

  14. Good job on kicking the caffeine. My system can't take it any more, either.

  15. Oh my gosh, I haven't seen one of those Whataburger's in a long time, I think they tore the one down near my old North Texas homestead.

    And oh how I miss those Dallas police cars zooming past on I-35, in fast pursuit always with the accompanying helicopter overhead. *sigh*

    Your blog is always so nostalgic for me, excepting for the monster business, of course, I've never had me a monster, thanks be.

    Yay on the nearly need a smaller size and sticking it out on the caffeine free front lines! Woot.

  16. I love your lunch bag- if that's the bag behind your lunch- very cute!

  17. Why yes - thank you!
    That striped bag is insulated, too.
    And holds alot. My company gave it to me!

  18. I thought it was WaffleHouse! But we dont have those OR Whataburger here where I live. UGH!
    You know in the tattoo studio's bathroom there is a big sticker on the mirror that states, "It only hurts until the pain goes away". I guess ya cant rush those things---but Im so glad you're feeling a bit better!

  19. Funny Building with that Flying A design (and W). I think your suction machine must be the cheeriest one in the US. I'd like to see the "Best accessorising of medical equipment" contest!!! hah.

  20. If it could it would sing
    "It Sucks To Be Me!"
    From the musical "Ave Q"


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