15 January 2011

take 5ive

We think we need to go all out 
all the time - every time
or ya might as well forgeddabout working out.

Well, maybe that "all-or-nothing" thinking is what helps us stay stuck!
Maybe, being successful is as simple 
as just making one or two good choices throughout the day.

These two pics are especially flattering!
March 2009
This was before I started. Before I knew any of you.
I started blogging 2 months later in May 2009.

Ya gotta love this! Up, Up and Away! 
October 2009 - after 6 months on LoCarb...

August 2009 
Taking 5 minutes to go on a walk.
Right on the apartment grounds.
I worked about 70 hours a week,
and blogged about 100, 
and spent the rest of the time on the phone.

So a few little 5 minute work outs -
through out the day - really add up.
5+5+5+5  = not too shabby!

Maybe not if you are training for the Olympics.
But maybe if you are trying to build up your endurance.
To gradually be able to go around the block,
or up the stairs without having to stop to breathe.

Had already given away any and all Carbs
to keep myself from being tempted.
Lots of people can eat them.
I can not.  Not and lose weight, that is.
It's win-win! Being hungry sucks. 
And I'll never forget it!

August 2010. Video.
The Easiest Thing In The World

And here is me this very day!
January 2011
It's hard to imagine it's been 6 months 
since August. I am still working every day
on my weight-loss goals.
Practicing for maintenance.

See how time flies?
6ix months of progress or
6 months of regret.
At least it was that way for me.

Hope your day is filled with "gems of opportunity-"
5 or 10 minutes a day - really can add up!
One good choice at a time.


  1. Who took a picture of you fighting with that weight machine? That's what I want to know! endurance=encouragement! Being able to see how strong I'm getting has motivated me to be stronger!

  2. My little neighbor took it -
    (The same one who accidently dropped
    The Camera)
    I said "Try to get an action shot!"
    Well, she did! Lifting my own body weight
    was like doing 1,000 push ups a day.

  3. You look terrific. Congratulations on your amazing journey to better health that you have shared with all os us.

    Now I get it: the reason you are able to spread yourself, your love and humor, to all of us across bloggyland is because you have some how created more hours in the day or you do an awful lot of blogging at work (?!?!) (70 work and 100 blogging hours does not add up to 168 (hours in a week!)). Plus, you of course don't sleep!!!

    Love you and love you blog, Michele

  4. Thanks! I was hoping someone would pick up on that:
    Back in "The Day" when I talked for hours on the phone,
    the Time-Space Continuum musta had a warp in it.
    And I don't blog at all at work....
    I typically work at a dying patient's bedside.
    So that would be a big no-no.

  5. Great photos, Anne and so inspirational. I love your latest hair style. I'm always looking for something new to do with my hair, but hubby really wants me to let it grow out, so I'm trying. :)

  6. Time of regret vs. time of progress - I love that. Be it six months or one day - what we do with it is our choice. But it takes time to get perspective and distinguish between the two, so it's darn too easy to just let go and do what's easy vs. what's good for us. But enough philosophy.
    Got to tell you, Anne H, you look great in those photos! I absolutely love your hair!

  7. Love the post Anna. Love your pictures, all of them. It shows the work it took to get to where you're at. Sometimes I miss that part, having the pictures to look back at. Oh well, I'll have pictures of the 1/2 way point on.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  8. Hummm, called you Anna...well got most of the letters right. Anne...I should know how to spell Anne, that's my middle name.
    Take care.

  9. Your vlog is adorable! And your topic for discussion is timely for me. Here I sit, telling myself as soon as I finish this first cuppa' joe that Im going to climb on the elliptical for AT LEAST 30 minutes. Hey hey, 2 weeks ago I wasnt even exercising right? You have reminded me it doesnt have to be all or nothing--Fuggeddaboutit!
    I hope you have a great saturday!

  10. What a great journey you've had and it hasn't stopped yet :) Have a great weekend!

  11. You look great! Have a great weekend.

  12. Great post! Love the pictures!

  13. I love how you put it, the easiest thing in the world, weighing my food, planning my weekly food. Easiest thing in the world!!! like a scavanger hunt!! what new gem will I discover next???

  14. It's the easiest thing in the world....to get hooked on this blog. Snarf.

    I love the change, and the bleached hair suits you. NOt everyone can do the super-light, but I like it better than the darker hair, alot.

    And I get such a kick out of your "Come on, whaddya think" looks in the Vlog. heh.

    Happy Saturday!

  15. You inspire me to just do a little something to keep moving. And love the haircut!

  16. I should really brush my teeth. *sigh*

    I love your facial expressions.

    I covet your jawline and neck. I want mine to look just like that!

  17. The easiest thing in the world... just loving Texas!! From the North to the South. Hugs, D.

  18. loving your blog = the easiest thing in the world :) thanks for all the comments! your a great support!

  19. Have an award for you over at my blog. :)

  20. One good choice at a time :) Love that
    I also love when you do vlogs! Always makes me smile!
    You are SO right, and I have to remember, every little bit counts!

  21. Time does fly! Better to look back and be amazed at all we accomplished. Can't wait for 6 months from now:)

  22. What a difference, Anne. You are one hot chickie. Your joy is shining through.

  23. VERY well said (and pictured!) Anne.

  24. I love seeing 'before' and 'after' photos.
    I have masses of those from the LAST time I lost weight. *sigh*
    Suppose I should take more 'before' ones now.
    I rejoined Weight Watchers .... I need the group support... but am doing low carbs too.... only having 1 slice of high grain bread at lunchtime for my open sandwich. It's a great feeling being on track again.
    You inspire me... cos I know I can do it too.

  25. Oh I meant to ask you, how much weight have you lost since you started?

    With my last diet I lost 61 kilos (134 pounds)... I am hoping this time to lose 40 kilos (88 pounds) as I don't have as much to lose this time around.. thank god!

  26. Easiest thing in the world is leaving a comment cuz I think you are the Best!

  27. You look great!!! What a transformation!

  28. I'm amused you spoke of brushing! Brushing with my non-dominant hand is getting better. :)

  29. I must have been thinking about meeting you
    Now -in the future -
    Way back in August!

  30. You're dead-on about the all or nothing thinking and how it hurts more than helps. I'm very guilty of this mindset, and I think I have been my whole life through many different areas, be it school, weight, etc. Ive been working on changing it though and am trying to be a more balanced person. My whole life I've tried to be absolutely perfect at many things, and when I eventually screwed up, which we all do, I'd go the exact opposite route and REBEL. It's really silly and overly dramatic but I know I'm not the only one. I guess I've always been a bit overly dramatic, haha, but that's no excuse. All in all, all or nothing thinking lads to more problems than just being reasonable and allowing yourself to be human!

    Tammi :)

  31. *leads
    And by the way, your before pics compared to now are WOWW! You can see so much more of your bone structure in your face now, it's almost like a completely different person!

  32. Thanks, Tammi
    It's like I AM a completely different person.
    I'm still in the honeymoon phase and it still
    freaks me out a little!
    The attention that I am now getting - and.....
    The attention that I AM NOT getting!
    That's what hurts the most...


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