31 July 2011

too busy

More driving, working, busy all day

Just another Pirate Ship stuck in traffic

Huge Wolf Spiders lurking in the 
Doctor's Office Bathroom of Death.
I am telling you something is not right!
(link) omg.  As in P.U!

Crawling through traffic and such

Begging for Latte

I'll take that instead

Christmas in July already!

More summer days ahead!

 Hope your day is awesome!


  1. I about gagged walking into Hobby Lobby last week...it's a bazillion degrees outside and their aisles are stuffed with pumpkins, scarecrows and Christmas Decorations!

  2. OMG wold spiders scare me. Cro has to get there fast to most it outside or I WILL squish it. Yuck.

    I had to work all day too. But finally I can enjoy a few hours of weekend before the work week starts. I hope you got a bit of weekend too!

  3. Giant spiders and alligators? I might have to cross Texas off my list.

    Miss you!

  4. I wanted to kill the spider, but some of them have those little baby spiders all over them. And I didn't want them to crawl all over my poor patient. She might have had a cardiac event!

  5. Sunflowers... one of my favorite flowers. They have Attitude. :-)

    What an amazing cloud and sky photo. The blue of the sky is luscious. It's a hard color to accurately capture in paint. Soooo beautiful and vibrant, with the sun glowing from behind the cloud.

    I hope you are keeping some kind of photo journal for all these stunning sky photos. You really have a knack for capturing them... they always have such visual interest. I keep going back to look and look again. :-)

  6. Thanks - I see a big heart in the clouds!
    Busy busy busy at work - all time new bizzy-ness!

  7. Spiders and lattes. You do cover everything. :)

    Nice to "see" you again after being gone a spell. And, um, are those spiders...dangerous?

  8. I have scattered little baby wolf spiders before! It's so creepy :O

    Hope you are keeping cool up there!


  9. I wanna play in the pirate ship.

  10. Yikes to the spidey. But I am loving the pirate ship.

    The cloud looks like a broken heart to me. Maybe it's sad because tropical storm Don didn't show up.

    Miss your FB posts. Hope you are happy and doing well.

  11. Yikes on the spider! Eeek. I hate them. I love the pirate ship though. I could totally explore that. Wishing you a good day.

  12. The kids hit the Pirate ship up here on Friday. Loved the shaved ice, of course. It's freakin hot. Even the spiders know it. THat's why their inside!

  13. Yeah, but those spiders eat their weight in other critters. Too bad they look scary because they are harmless if they are the North American kind. Stay cool!

  14. Wow that cloud photo is amazing!

  15. Just checking in. Thinking of you. Hope all is well.


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