03 July 2011


Hebrew National Hot Dogs - 3 carbs for the jumbo... with
Grilled onions and sugar free relish!
Very good stuff.

New pickles v old pickles -
1 carb vs. 8 carbs?
Really? Yes, really.

Disappointed smile
I am usually such the optimist.
But my trainer asked me to track my food
on FitDay. Which I did.
Sad smile
It's not exactly geared for LoCarb.
Crying face
Kind of knocked me sideways - 
thinking about how much fat I eat...
How few carbs... and how comfortable I am with that.
And how it works for me.
I can't imagine changing it - after 2 years.
Still, I was shocked to see it all there - quantified
in a pretty little pie chart - made just for me!
This week, I have enjoyed a few days of "meat fasts."
There's a brisket in the Crock Pot. 
A pork shoulder ready to cook tonight.
And a bbq to attend this afternoon!
Rolling on the floor laughing

So I did my numbers. I only do them 4 times a year or so.
I did a tape test - neck, abdomen, and hips.
It came up with almost 38% Body Fat! (link)
Sleepy smile
Still now - today!
Although the bmi shows 26.
Either way, there's room for loss.

So just for fun, I inputed the numbers from before...
From 2 years ago... 58% body fat 
[And that isn't my top number - 
it's just the weight from when I started weighing.]

That's a good loss - and I'm happy with that.
Still room for improvement.
So there ya go.


  1. I remind bloggers all the time to not worry about the numbers.
    Do the right thing and the numbers will take care of themselves.
    Now I have to remind myself of the very same thing!

  2. Look at that improvement!! Look at the 2 lbs of lean muscle mass you put on and how much fat you took off! Hope you're doin' The Happy Dance!

  3. Sometimes yes and sometimes no.
    I'm baffled, actually.
    I'm sure it will pass.

  4. I. Want. A. Hot. Dog!

    A few months ago I found the sugar free sweet pickle relish at Netrition... wow, it tastes great! Now we get the Vlasic sugar free bread and butter chips, and others kinds at the grocery store. Who knew regular pickles were so high carbs?!

    Hot dog... hot dog... hot dog... oh dear, gonna have to make a grocery store run, ha ha ha ha ha!

  5. How do they get carbs out of pickles? Or do they add sugar to regular ones? Such a huge difference. Makes me wonder. I love pickles, btw.

    Numbers look good. It's amazing that you have gained lean mass. I hear it's usual to lose both muscles and fat. Must be all the protein you are eating.

    The macro-nutrient composition of your diet... I say who cares what it is as long as you feel good. Two years and doing well on it - means to me that you have found what works for you. Keep rocking it :)

  6. We do the read all labels thing, and each brand is different. We look for low sodium and low sugar. We have a treat now and again but not real often. I am still amazed at the before pictures of you. You do not look like the same woman. Just amazing.

  7. I'm with Loretta... just GOTTA have a hotdog with either high carb or low carb pickles.

    I get it about being baffled and about the sometimes yes, sometimes no happy with progress thing.

    No solutions to offer... just understanding.

  8. Oh dear now I'm going to be checking each and every package of hot dogs and pickles :)
    Your #'s are getting better, your doing great!

  9. Try Fatsecret-much easier to track food then Fitday, and you can keep track of carbs AND net carbs. Great site.


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