02 July 2011

day off

A couple of CrossFit shirts

Installed a tv/dvd combo above the treadmill
for better watching - Scrubs is the current fave

A happy meal

A ton of flags - for the holiday weekend

Got a new jump rope - so many options!
I actually tried to make one from a rope (go figure)
But it took way too much shoulder work to 
move the rope - it was too light.

In CrossFit, Jumping rope is the warm-up
to an interval work-out! The whole class is an hour long.

Did my 75 reps today!!
Did a little stretching on the work-out ball.
The key to doing lunges - is to do more lunges!

Took some rope - tied it to a weight, 
Sat on the floor and did lifts....
MacGyver lifts!

Protein mix today,
Brisket x 2 with half an avocado
and sf bbq sauce.....
Water and about 3 showers today!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. grrrr!
    Happy 4th of July weekend to you and yours!

  2. LBN - like it. When I went Primal, I wanted to LGN - Look Good Naked. Kinda think that's a bit over-ambitious. But, I can LBN. Rock it. :)
    Love the happy meal, too. lol
    Your blog always makes me happy. I love your perspective and attitude.
    You rock. :D

  3. Thanks for checking in.

    I am doing fine, just really busy.

    Found time to start walking on the treadmill though!

    Hope you are well!

  4. Your happy meal is awesome. :)

  5. I did the 75 reps yesterday and it nearly killed me. :D
    Well not really but it sure was a workout.
    I'm getting ready to do my 30 minutes on the grindstone and then I'll do my 75 reps for today too.

    I like the tv/dvd combo for the treadmill.

    I'd be smiling too if my brisket was covered in avocado.
    Whatever that means. :D

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Once the ankle heals I'll need to go find a skipping rope :)
    Happy July 4th!!

  7. Yay! Get well soon, SS!
    Here's a great little video link -
    to whet your appetite!


  8. Do you think I could do crossfit? I've been thinking aboot it...

  9. SheZug - that's what's great about CrossFit!
    The oldest one in the class is 70 years old!
    And she is passing me up!

    CrossFit is "scaled" to whatever level of fitness you are at.
    For example - If you can't do floor push ups (I can't)
    They put a bar up and you do them from there!

    So yeah - that's why it's better than watching a video - for me...
    Group motivation takes over!

  10. LBN! LOL! I hope to see you rockin' this shirt in the near future.

    Love your happy meal, I made one the other day with bacon and eggs...mmm...bacon....

    Hope your day is just splendid!!!

  11. I want to make a t shirt -
    LBD - Look Better Dressed!
    or LBWCO - Look Better With Clothes On!
    or WUSS - Walk Up Stairs Stronger!

  12. The brisket looks great. I'm craving avocado now too. I will have to have Dail stop on the way home to get me one. He won't be very thrilled in this 4th of July traffic. LOL


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