05 July 2011

work-out (play) stuff

I once told a patient that a person can be "fit"
(or at least "more fit")
at almost any age, weight, level of mobility - 
She said "Prove it - show me!"

I am not your typical 20 year old
built-like-a-trainer fitness guru.

Clearly I have a ways to go.
But that's exactly the point -
A person doesn't need to be "fit" to start.
That's how we get to be more fit!
And it can be fun!

Balance on a work out ball is not so easy!
I sometimes use this as a chair for when I work online.
These Swiss balls are very popular in Pediatric Nursing...
Now you can get them almost anywhere!

Laying back. Stretching!

Trying a push up or two -
Just holding the position is not easy!

Be smart - It's like 100 in the shade!
Drink water and go easy!

A good stretch. Pull one leg up.
Feel the stretch in the other leg - the crossed leg!

Some easy things that don't take alot of time - 
Time flies when you are having fun!

Hope your day is great!


  1. That color shirt is you !!! So happy you can play with your balls so well..

  2. Thanks!
    And do note that the shirt says "Animal"!

  3. Look at you! No more bulky clothes for you. Love how you have so much fun in life. Even the everyday things. :)

  4. Some of those look like my PT stretches and core exercises. I need to get back to those.

  5. Sounds very hot where you are! You exercise more than I do. Good for you! I do a few stretches and weights (10 of this, 10 of that - done) before hopping in the shower in the am. I am so lazy. I do walk my dog twice a day. Does that count? lol

  6. I agree, cool shirt/color!! And...I see your poppy hanging out! hehe

  7. Yep! easy to get a little exercise in every day. Every day.

  8. How fun. You and the ball look like you belong all color coordinated!

  9. I sit on my ball at my desk...no chair. Just the ball! You always have so much fun!


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