18 July 2011

buffalo, gals

Have some buffalo, gals! And guys.... of course!
It's a red meat that is lower in fat than beef.
Well, that "fact" varies greatly - from brand to brand.

The web site said 9 grams of fat per serving -
The box said 19 grams of fat per serving... 
I called the company - because I am a nerd
curious.  They said the correct answer is 19!

For the ground bison. Not the steak-like cuts.
Those are more like 3 - 5 grams of fat per serving!

19 grams of fat - a little more like lean beef.
I cooked it, and refrigerated it -
skimmed off the excess fat.

Put it in the crock pot with onions and cabbage.
Some beef stock and chicken stock...
Also some red wine. Spices, too!

I got to use my special wood-smoked salt....
Smells like a campfire! omg!

Over-night in a slow cooker -
Just what the Nurse ordered!

In the meanwhile - I had this little flounder
with very little fat. I'm still doing well on the less fat.
But it's still probably a lot more than most of you get!

Couple of grilled 1015 onions on top.

I love the protein smoothies - I have 3 or 4 of them a day!
Low Fat, LoCarb... about 25 g of protein each.
And then one or two  "solid" meals.
Perfect for hot weather... like a shake!
I just re-discovered the joys of ice in a blender..
Today I had one cherry-banana.
One pina-colada. mmmm.
And one coffee-praline-caramel.
All Sugar-Free DaVincy syrups!

I had the ringer off - and missed a call to go to work.
And here I thought they didn't need me.
First time that has ever happened!  grrrr.

Hope your day is great!


  1. I've never had buffalo - was it any good?

  2. Just now trying it - it cooked all night in the Crock Pot!
    And it's pretty good!
    Cooked this way, it really tastes alot like beef.

  3. Love buffalo or bison burgers. Never had anything else, but want to.

    It is so hot here in MN, I, too, am going to re-discover my blender!

  4. Will you cook for me?! :)

    Must get thaat smoked salt. I tasted some at Williams Sonoma and it did taste/smell like a campfire. mmmmmm

  5. I'm guessing nobody likes bison!
    I knew it! Not exactly "Buffalo Country"
    up in here!

  6. Hungry hungry hungry is what this post leaves me. But I already ate today, so I will have to wait a day to eat my cereal and imagine it is bison stew.


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