07 July 2011

road trip

Start the day with Starbucks

Lots of construction
at the V.A. Hospital

Lots of dead-ends, too.
Not really finding all the info we need!
Lots of quote-unquote red tape.
Steaming mad

Went to the court house.
 Pat-downs and body scans.....
Sick smile
And still no help - but wait!
There's a handy dandy Congressman's office! 
 Open-mouth smile

I walked in, said to the office people 
"Hello! This gentlemen (my charge)
is a World War Two Veteran.
And your constituant. And we need your help, please!"

They stopped what they were doing, and tended to 
our every need. What a nice surprise!
Party smile
They even asked us to follow up with them to make sure
all of our concerns were addressed.

Came home, cooked steak, half a sweet potato,
Salad with cukes and grilled onions....

So Yay!
I helped get something done.
Why not start a little closer to the top?

Turned out to be a great day!
Hope yours is great!


  1. I didn't want to waste a perfectly good pat-down!
    We've been looking for these papers /results for months!

  2. How wonderful that they LISTENED and wanted to be of actual HELP. Gives a person the warm fuzzies to know this can still happen. Hope it all continues to sort out well....

  3. How nice to come by such a kind and helpful person. Doesn't happen often these days. I am glad you and your charged had a successful trip and a nice day.

    I am intrigued by a boot turned flower pot. Was that a real boot once or is it just a boot shaped decor?

  4. AHH my faith in humanity is restored.

  5. Floriana - it was a real boot!

  6. Good for you to stick with it until you found the right place and were able to get help for your patient. The boot planter is interesting. It looks like a real boot. I wonder if there is a small pot down inside with soil or if the whole bottom of the boot is filled with dirt.

  7. Love the boot and love that you were able to get the help you needed. It was a good day!

  8. That is great, Anne. I'm glad to got the help you needed for your charge.

    BTW The steak looks awesome. YUM.

  9. I'm glad you were able to get help for your charge!

  10. Yay! Anne to the rescue. Hey, that doesn't look like your truck. Got a new car?

  11. No - Kelly
    We got the take the Civic - Trucky is too hard for
    the Mr and Mrs Sweety to get in and out of....


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