26 July 2011

cookbook day

Got a chance to do some intellectual type reading

I thought this would be all propaganda -
Turns out, it was pretty good.
Hidden in between the lines is a message:
Eat less junk. Eat less sugar.

Sweet Potato Fries. 
Hopefully in lard.

Throw off the bun - to throw off more buns!

Yep. There ya go, then.

Mean while, back at the Ranch Dressing....
I had a little tuna with a little mayo and
a little sour cream! Oh, and green beans!
Probably against the law.
But it was good!
LC pickles - 1 gram per pickle- onions, peeled celery,
all the usual accouterments.

And now - off to CrossFit -
to get rid of my "But's"
And my "Butt"

Hope your day is going joyfully!


  1. Good day here so far. I'm glad you are having a good one. That tuna salad looks yummy.

  2. I read cookbooks for fun too. :)

  3. Love me some tuna salad with pickles. Dill-ish.

    I love me some good cookbooks. :)

  4. I am a cookbook lover and read them all the time. The trouble is they make me hungry. I've also cut down on my carbs. I feel lighter and more energetic. We'll see where this goes.

  5. Yay! I'm no "Tater Hater..." Really - I'm not!
    BUT - it does make sense to stop jinxing ourselves metabolically!

  6. I just dug out all of my cookbooks, than I realized why Im fat lol I need to buy new cookbooks

  7. Hope you had a great workout!

  8. Hmmm, green beans in tuna. I have never thought of that! Love cookbooks, but don't cook much lately.

    Hope you had a great workout :)

  9. Sooo hungry. Get those food pictures away from me!
    ---shezug blogging from the phone....
    And a slow connection.

  10. HAHAHAHA @ "intellectual type reading"

  11. I am a cookbook junkie. I have the Biggest Loser one and like it quite alot actually. I think my favourite is Clean Eating Magazine, it's like a new cookbook every month!

  12. I don't even have one cookbook. But that doesn't stop me!!!

    I always mix chopped dill pickle in my tuna...sometimes I melt old cheddar on top and have a tuna melt with no bread...just tuna and cheese...oh so tasty!

  13. I usually just google recipe's


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