23 July 2011

got coconut milk?

Well, do ya?

The dog and shake days of summer continue!
3 shakes today and some chicken -
All I could endure.

All kinds of flavors - all kinds of milk bases!
I haven't bought any Heavy Whipping Cream 
for a few weeks now!

Coconut milk from the can is more like cream!
It is like coconut oil - turns solid in the fridge!

I get this water from a local vendor....  7 gals at a time.
It has like 1 ppm of solutes... virtually distilled!

So I add a pinch or so of Sea Salt to the mix...
Better for electrolytes and mythology -
They say it's hemolytic.... but not anymore!

Stay cool and have a great day!
Any plans for the weekend?
Do tell!


  1. Work, work, work for me!
    Have a good one!

  2. I always have loved whipped cream! did not know that coconut milk was so creamy. Have a great weekend!

  3. Loving the shakes especially in this heat AND it's helping with weight loss. YAY.

    My plans? Watching Chuck at a shooting match and going for a hike.

  4. I don't have any yet and I'm even out of soymilk. Need to get the pantry stocked again. I'm dying to try the coconut milk. It sounds good and I love coconut.

  5. So far out for breakfast, to Ikea, to the gym, to the gluten free bakery, soon going out to get new shoes, then maybe going to see the Scottish play in the park. Depends on how hot it is. I am not risking heat stroke for live theatre. If no theatre, then I think a movie at home will be excitement for the weekend.

    Have a great day!!!

  6. Is the coconut cream/milk mild? Or does it taste real coconutty? I'm wondering if I'd like it in my coffee instead of the hwc?

  7. I love coconut flavor .... You look silly :)


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