14 July 2011

here we go - hold on tight!

When one of our blogging buddies has a major victory - 
it's good to share the news!

This is Lesia -
She's on FB here

And has a weight-loss blog here!
called "Here We Go - Hold On Tight!"
Winking smile
She's an awesome, happy Blogger -
Who loves to *smile* !
She is still maintaining her weight loss
AND is enjoying her new BODY!
Open-mouth smile
She went "From a Wheelchair to a ZipLine!"
Disappointed smile
Poor thing had ankle surgery last Autumn...
AND she has MS!

And yet remains positive,
and helpful and hopeful through it all!

So Yay! For the Success Stories!
And great job, Lesia -


  1. And oral surgery too!
    Bless her sweet heart!

  2. It was so nice to hear from her

    Smile :)

  3. THANK YOU! I so needed to see that! I hope she accepts my friend request :-)

  4. You so nailed her with that *smile.* Lesia rocks:)

  5. I love you Anne and there are so many bad and negative things in this world that I TRY to stay strong and always smile* thanks again:)

  6. Back at 'cha, Lesia!
    It's easy to get sucked into the negative....
    And pulled down by the bad.
    Who hasn't been there, and done that?!

    That's what we are all learning, I think...
    Weight loss is just a bonus!

    Thanks for letting me link to your great story!

  7. Wonderful, I will have to check her out, always glad to meet another happy soul. you are a sweetheart Anne. hugs.

  8. adore.
    her and you.
    you, my friend, are so so so supportive.

  9. Thank you for sharing this!


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