05 July 2011

crock pot cooking

Onions and 1/4 cup liquid ---
I used wine...

Spice rub - onion, garlic and cayenne pepper

12 hours in the crock pot ought to do it!
Brisket one night

Pulled pork the next...

Tonight it's chicken!!

Got the idea from the Civilized Caveman
CaveMan to the Core!

I didn't have all the ingredients,
so I used his basic technique for Slow Cooking -  
with a little improvisation!

Then I made a sauce - omg.
Even my neighbors think it is a hit!
This idea came from Cooking With Whiskey.
Again, I subbed out some items I didn't have on hand.

I used Soda Stream Diet Dr Peet syrup
(their version of dr. pepper, and it's made with Splenda)
worcestershire sauce
tabasco sauce
garlic, onion powder
balsamic vinegar

I cooked it for a little bit - to reduce it
(and cook off the alcohol!)
It was "lick the plate" good!
More like an Au Jus than a bbq sauce.

Hope your day is wonderful!
Onward and downward!


  1. Hi Anne, Looks like you have a finger-licking good weekend!!!!

    I just got my first crockpot and I'm looking forward to using it. Now I'm inspired to get started! Your dinner looks fabulous.

    Hope you'e doing great and feeling good. xoxo jj

  2. Yummy. And no heating up the house with the crockpot. Will have to try, but I'll leave out the whiskey. Had too much love for it in college and dont' luv it no more, if you know what I mean. :D

  3. I'm going to go buy a crockpot tomorrow so I can make all the delicious things I want without heating the house up.

    Thanks for the chat today :)

  4. I need to get mine out.
    for some reason I have NOT unpacked it since we got to TX!!

  5. That looks IN-credible! In the vegetarian world, there is no good substitute (seitan, tofu, etc.) for a good, ol' crock pot pulled meat dish. *sobs* That looks so yummmmmmmy!

  6. Oh I love the ease of crockpot cooking. But yesterday I was making my weekly breakfast beans and realized hours later that when I turned it on, I didn't nudge the dial quite all the way:(

  7. Heehee - I've done that too!
    I went on and on about why isn't this dumb thing working?
    And... uh... wait a minute.... oops!
    Operator Error strikes again!

  8. Thought I'd buzz over from Facebook and check out your crock pot recipe... Looks easy and pretty fool proof! I might just have to try it out... When you say "Onions and 1/4 liquid" I presume it's 1/4 cup...?

    By the way, I'm the same age as you and am completely envious of your "stats" here! I guess I'll have to get a bit more disciplined about my low carb eating... ;-)

  9. Thanks, Monique -
    1/4 cup liquid!
    I fixed the typo/ omission.
    Operator error stikes yet again!

  10. You are becoming a real whiz in the kitchen!!!

  11. I think i'm going to crockpot some meat soon!


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