14 July 2011

bueno day

All in all, it was a bueno day

Found a fanny pack from two years ago....
Needs this much adjustment!

Yummy salad for lunch - 

And hamburgers
Cooked on the George Forman Grill...
Really took off alot of fat!

Starbucks for a treat today... a foamy treat

Errands and shopping and seeing the Doc

This store has every kind of milk...
Even hemp milk!
Probably gives ya the munchies -
Hot smile
Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. That fanny pack is waaay loose... how fun!!

  2. wow that fanny pack has soo much room!

  3. did the movie scene DOUBLE TAKE when I saw that fannypack pic on FB!

  4. Hi, Anne. Love the idea of Hemp milk. Sounds interesting. I finally got some ribs last night. They were to die for. Now I won't need anymore for quite a while. I got a half a rack but was only able to eat 3. The meat was fall off the bone tender. So yummy.

  5. that fanny pack must have made your whole week! Amazing!!

  6. Thanks for the idea to post my video. I forgot I even had a blog...lol

  7. I tried hemp milk once. It tasted like someone took a plant and mashed the hell out of it and then mashed some more then added water and said, "LOOKEY! MILK!" It was even green-ish. Probably don't have to say this, but it was horrible. I got a video somewhere of me tasting it for the first time. I posted it on youtube way back when.


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