09 July 2011

regular day

Hebrew National Hot Dog, (fried, of course!)
 With Ground Beef - in a Soup Thermos
To keep it warm for work!

Roast - from the slow cooker...
There really is alot of fat -
Well, there WAS!
I skimmed it off - and tossed it out.

Still amazed that I eat so much fat.
I've been tracking the food for over a week now.
(At my trainer's behest.)
Average 100 g protein. 30 carbs.
68 g fat. Avg 1200 calories a day.
And I've been working out every day - doing  something
despite the heat (and a couple days with no a/c)

 Roasted cauliflower and flounder - with lemon and
balsamic vinegar - and spice rub

Wanted this - stuck with water... *sigh*

Walked more, better, faster - 
with the tv/dvd combo to distract me!
Two programs and a warm up....
About an hour altogether.

Hope your weekend is great!


  1. At least the a/c is fixed!
    No complaints here!

  2. Saw on news that it's hotter than heck down there! Only 44 degrees here this morning and might get to 70 today. I kind of miss those Hebrew National dogs. Tasty!

  3. All the food looks great...especially the fried hot dogs.

    Yay to the treadmill workout! You rock!

    Happy Weekend to you!

  4. Your trainer is doing a great job with your training schedule and with your continued attitude growth.

  5. Food looks great today, Anne. I haven't had breakfast yet and you are making me hungry. I need to go get something for myself. I love roast but haven't made one in a while. Maybe next week I will pick up one.

  6. Wow you are doing great!! Amazing strength to try something you were afraid to do and find out you can do it.

  7. I want your trainer!

    Good thing to know what you're eating. Body needs fat, yep, with all that exercise, your body be lookin' for something to burn.

    I'm proud of you for sticking with your exercise program even in the heat. Yay!

  8. Great job, Anne! Exercise, especially in the heat, is difficult.


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