02 August 2011


Caliente indeed

National Night Out 
Cancelled due to the
Extreme Heat

More good advice

Can't remember ever being so hot,
or so busy - not even in Nursing School
And/or the Gulf War....

Needing a belt these days 
(size medium, mind you)
Ain't complaining though!

Hot dog days

"It hurts when I do this..."
The sign says...

Mostly cold salads and some steamed veggies

More gratuitous scenes of green happy watery scenes!

Hope your day is great!
Stay cool!


  1. Miss you!!! Love the green water. I was drinking some last night...had chlorophyll added to it.

  2. Do your best to stay cool, Anne! I'm melting over here!

  3. Toasty in Arizona too. Looking forward to late October. Don't want to wish my life away though. :)

  4. I hope you and Trucky are keeping cool!

    Love that picture of the water and tree! Great shot :)

  5. it is so hot weve already seen the smurfs movie twice :)


  6. Okay. Where did you see the green? And water? It certainly isn't from over here on the west side!

    Be careful in the heat....BTW, that hot pink is definitely your color!

  7. Look at you needing a belt! Way to go.

    Sorry you're so busy. I miss your FB posts. But it's a paycheck, right?

    Stay cool. Looking hot.

  8. Yeah, it's ridonkulously hot. Texas in August. Sizzle!!!

    You need smaller scrubs, little lady!

  9. Hi Anne! Ya, I have a new blog...same stuff pretty much, but I needed the change. http://lucysuglyblog.com

    Lookin' good kid!


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