19 July 2011

there will be protein shakes

If you have a protein shake - 
And I have a protein shake - 
And I have a straw....
I drink your milkshake!
Protein shake.

Can i haz cheezeburger now? Just axing!

I've been having a couple of these a day.
One with coffee and hazelnut.
One with cherry and banana.
One with pineapple and coconut.

I use one scoop of protein -
About 25 grams of protein.
And all the flavors are SF.
Of course.

Sometimes, I mix it with coconut milk.
Sometimes with almond milk.
The coconut oil kinda turns solid
when ya add the ice. Like a LC treat.

Too dang hot here to cook.

Walked an hour on the treadmill
Watching tv really helps pass the time!
45 minutes and a little session of 15 minutes.
I talked to the new neighbor and made sure
I wasn't making too much noise on the treadmill..
So no excuses not to walk!

Keeping myself kinda low-key and LC!
Hope your day is great!


  1. Hi Anne, You are so nice to check with your neighborhood for noise :-)

    I'm with you when it's hot-- I don't like to cook and heat up the kitchen anymore than it already is.

    Loved your video :-)

    xo jj

  2. thats us.
    a least one shake a day in this heat.
    needed or not :)

  3. Mmmmmm - And the shakes are delicious as well!

  4. Yep, too darned hot do anything. Stay cool and low key ;-)

  5. Now I want a protein shake! Were you the one who posted the video of lady who has 9 protein shakes and two small meals per day to lose weight? I loved how she described metabolism. It gave me a kick in the pants to not change my 4 small meals per day into 3 normal meals. I was considering that ... but not any longer!

  6. ~Oct - yes!
    The bloggers name is The Impatient Dieter.
    She is very popular on some of the LoCarb Forums.
    And YouTube!

    She had 7 liquid meals...and 2 solid meals a day.
    She dropped a ton of weight.
    And she is a woman on fire!

    I've learned alot (alot!) from her website -
    Stuff about target heart rates, creating a good work-out space,
    compression garments - and she listens to Tool!

    Awesome stuff! I'm loving it!

  7. Protein shake are GOOD. I need to be having at least one a day. I've slipped lately so thanks for the reminder. I'm slipped on a lot of things lately but there is a lot going on.

  8. If I haz bacon and cheez and you has hamburger we can haz bacon cheezeburgerz!

    OK, why didn't I think about adding the flavorings to my protein shakes? Why? Thanks for mentioning this. Going to see what flavors I havee in the pantry. Going to be an interesting shake this morning. ;-)

    It is hot and I also don't feel like cooking. I do for the family at night though. And so I eat. :)

  9. uh oh. Too dang hot to cook. you're right! So why do I have baked chicken planned for tonight. Geeeze. You think my greedy family would take protein shakes instead? ugh.

  10. Well, I did cook some chicken overnight -
    in Da Crock Pot...
    Put it in the fridge - ready for a good little lunch!

    Cut-up cold chicken goes great on a big, hearty,
    crispy, cool, green leafy salad!

  11. I want a treadmill. I want a protien shake. I need to workout a bit more. Thanks for stopping by Anne. Hope all is well. Take care and God Bless!!

  12. Shake, shake, shake...shake your protein!

  13. It not the treadmil thats noisy, but the volume I turn the TV up to so I can hear it!!!! You are a kind neighbor :)


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