31 January 2011

thanks, Shannon!

Blog Award time!
Thanks, Shannon!

Here's the copy and paste:
List 5 goals that you have/had while on your lap band journey. 
Comment on each blog you nominate and list your top 3 nominees for the award. 

And here are 5 of my goals:

1. Remain sane 

2. Remain nice

1a. 2a. By that I mean not kill myself  or anyone else!
So far, so good on that one!

3. I never set a goal weight, or had a starting weight.
My goal was just to "do" LoCarb and see where it took me.

3a. I didn't really have a procedure... Just LoCarb!

4. Get in better shape - for a woman "my age!"

5. I am approaching the 2 year mark on 
my weight-loss journey! I reached my weight loss "goal"
in May 2010, of 138 pounds. (Army weight)
And hovered in and around that 140 range ever since.
Now my goal is to lose "that final 10 pounds."
And to continue to lose here and there,
and firm and tone my body. 
All in the name of health.

And continue to incorporate healthy LoCarb eating
and an Active Lifestyle - every day!

No numbers, no time goals....
Pretty general, actually.
But effective. At least for me!

Do you want to know something?
I don't do so good with blog awards.
Here's why!
 I want to nominate everyone!

There is no way I can pick just 3 good bloggers.
But, Shannon, I will try!

Spunky Suzi




See, I told you I was bad at this sort of thing!
These people are some of the original group,
from like 20 months ago....
 I talk to these bloggers more than 
I talk to "real" people.
Cuz you are real to me..... all of you.....
There are so many people I think about 
during the day, and cherish with all my heart.

And there are so many many more!
Thanks for all the Love and support 
you have shown me over the past months...
I means the world to me.
And I would not have been 
"OK" without you - bloggers here to save me
from rancidly destroying myself -
Many many of you checked on me every day
through what was (without a doubt) one of 
most difficult and darkest time of my life. But also the most fun
I have ever had. Ever! Fun and laughs, and quintessential
puppies and kitties. Still waiting for the unicorns to show.

Thanks for your comments, calls, emails and even visits!
Through "thick" and "thin!"

Anne H - Yours Truly - Carb Tripper


  1. Everyone deserves this wonderful award!
    And thanks again Shannon, for letting me play along!

  2. Anne I can't begin to tell you how much you have sustained and inspired me on my own low-carb journey. Thank you for being there, thank you for your comments, thank you for the smiles. You deserve this award!

  3. Sweet! You are so deserving. A true winner!

  4. you are awesome! such an inspiration to me :) It was hard for me to pick just three but the hubs said it was best that way :)

  5. Awww your such a sweetie :) Thank you for the award! You have definitely been my rock and your one of the reasons i still blog!

  6. You know, you are one person that I can count on to cheer me up every single day. And make me think. And inspire me. This is one stop that I don't want to miss on my daily route.

    Thank you for being who you are and being here.

    I love your plan. No numbers, no time goals, but working on the lifestyle. Super smart. That's a great way to approach this weight loss thing. No wonder you are such a success. :)

  7. Woo hoo for the blog community!

  8. Yay to you. Healthy is number one. Weight loss is after that and you have managed to reach both goals. Continue with your great success.

  9. You go Girl!

    It's always Joyful to come here!

  10. Always something to inspire us all reading blogs and meeting people - its a wonderful community. You deserve the award

  11. You're always such a motivation and inspiration to me - and you truly deserve this award!! Good for YOU!! And, you always put a smile on my face, too!!

    Thank you!!

  12. POKE!! oh wait...wrong webpage hehe!! Im emulating your general locarb style too, and you are my inspiration as well! 138 here I come too...sooner or later, its gonna happen!

  13. Congrats!!! Two years is a dang lifetime in weight loss maintenance-so jealous, but seriously that is freaking super!

    Polar's Mom

  14. What you said about your blog friends from so long ago was beautiful! :)

  15. Well-deserved award! Thanks for awarding the other blogs - I've not visited those yet and now have no excuse not to! :o)

    Hope you have a terrific day!

  16. You are the queen of comments in my book! I can always count on you for a smile. I'm so glad we are all still blogging. Some days would really suck without a comment!

    You're too sweet to pass on the award to me. Thank you, thank you :)

  17. Thanks, everyone for your kind words!
    You mean the world to me.
    You know this!

  18. mutual admiration society
    put that to music

    your comments reveal
    good solid listening/reading skills
    good solid communication skills
    HUGE capacity for love
    HUGE capacity for laughter
    queen of comments you are


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