18 January 2011

o broth, where art thou?

I made this little montage in photo*bucket
As an homage to to Broth.

If Broth had it's own FB page,
 I would like it and friend it and even poke it -

I like Face Book  -alot. 
And I click around in there alot.
So if by chance you wish to friend me, 
I put a badge on the side bar here!
(carb tripper)

If, by chance the FB program ran a sweep, and 
found your name in an old email, and sent you an invitation - 
sorry about that - these things happen despite my
best efforts to avoid that at all costs!

That's a problem with the Mac - if there is a problem at all.
The Mac ia a learning computer - it learns you.
But to do that, it places data in several different areas.
So it takes a few attempts (for a novice like me) to completely
clear out every fragment and remnant of deleted info.
Just like I'm cleaning out my closet, and my wardrobe,
(and my mind - that too) I'm also still deleting files on the Mac.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming.
And what was that, you ask?

Carbs are the topic of the day.

I would imagine that the simplest case of LoCarbers
eats more veggies than the average guy on the street.

True, maybe not so much fruit.
But even so, LoCarb does have a fair amount of fruit!

And Low Carb is not NO Carb.
I eat about 30 - 50 grams of carbs most days.
There was a time when I worked out more, that it
was probably closer to 75 or 100 G of carbs.
Right now I am in that final 10 -15 pound rally (still - grrr)
So I am keeping a closer eye on carbs and intake in general!

How many carbs do you normally eat?
It's a Carb-a-Lisious Survey!
Hope your day is full of people who love you back!
Cuz food just can't!


  1. I totally eat more VEGGIES when lower carbing (but fruit goes down). When I do higher carb, I eat more fruits and a lot of veggies, so I could easily hit 12 to 14 freggies a day. (For weight loss when I did WW, 11 freggies seemed to be the magic number to fill me up enough to leave the heavier/oilier/crappier stuff alone).

    I'm allowed 2 fruits now, so I feel a bit deprived, fruitwise, but I make it up by hitting the veggies hard. Breakfast easily gives me 4 to 5 servings of freggies--1/2 to 1 of fruit, the rest veggies.

    Anyway, I like broth, just not the salt in it. Cause I like to put stuf INSIDE of broth, hahahaha.


  2. I guess I'm not too low carbing now that I've changed my plan. But still trying to keep it around 100 a day. So far, so good. No carb cravings in sight on the new plan. :)

  3. I try to stay around 30, some days less and some more (uh yeah like yesterday)! This morning I had 2 eggs, a bit of shredded cheddar and mushroom, onion and green pepper. Then I ate some celery sticks.
    Veggies are not lacking for moi :-D Fruit, well I eat some berries a few days a week. Id love to have more but woe-carby!
    PS I love your broth page haha

  4. I get a healthy dose of carbs because I eat 3-5 servings of fruit on most days. I do limit the breads, rice and stuff, but the fruit is carb heavy. I like to think I am eating better carbs than before. And I shall continue to tell myself that until they invent the carb free snickers bar that looka dn tastes like the carb loaded snickers bar I wish i could eat right now.

  5. Yikes. This could turn into a competition. Silly thought, though, because we're all in this together. I hope!

    I've been hovering around 20 to 25g per day because I was *hoovering* too many (about 100) for a few weeks and was stalled. That got old. Well, actually, I'm still stalled. But I haven't been exercising either. Hmmmm...I think I just explained something to myself.

    Thanks for puttin' out a great blog every day. Love your wisdom, your joyfulness, and your photos. But best of all I love your sense of humor. :)


  6. That title is the worst pun I've heard all day.
    Love it. :)

  7. I'm definitely not low carb but i am lower carb than many :) And if i have carbs at brekkie i try not to have any at lunch etc.

  8. Generally, I am a no white flour kind of low carbie. Almost no sugar, little fruit. Whole grains, lots of veggies and protein. But I don't count my carbs. Maybe I should - I would probably be surprised that it's higher than I think.

  9. I have never counted. Thank God I do not even know how to count my carbs, actually- it would be huge!

  10. Can I friend you three more times? Broth is good stuff.

  11. O Brother Where Art Thou is one of my favorite movies. Watch it way too many times and listen to the soundtrack when we go camping. :)

  12. Loved the Broth facebook page. It would fun to have a REAL broth page... full of recipes and puns! I'd friend you. ;-) And I am rarely even ON Facebook, LOL! Oh, and Broth should let his sister, Salad, do guest posts. You always have such scrumptious salad pics.

    Yeah... less fruit, more veggies that people realize who don't understand lo carb. I saw your salad pic and my mouth watered! I just bought a huge bag of baby spinach... I know what I'm having for dinner. :-)


  13. So true, food doesn't love us back.

    Sometimes we just need to hear the obvious.

  14. I try to stay around 30 per day...

    Polar's Mom

  15. Ahh, the home stretch, Anne. You will make it. I'm positive of that. Sometimes people think low carb, means no carb...just a moderation of carbs, right?

  16. I'm on and off Facebook and still can't figure it out. I only friend my 10 nieces and nephews so I can see their photos. I log in and out when I want to see what they're up to, otherwise it's just to much for me to keep track of... and I'm afraid I'll get hooked on that Farm game ;-)

    xo jj

  17. where do you find all the time
    to draw
    take pictures
    and now facebook?

    I'm on facebook
    kicking and screaming
    ignoring invitations
    though sometimes finding it useful
    and fun

    with pleasure
    I'll friend you
    using my real name
    and include a note so you know
    it's me

    I don't count anything anymore
    most days
    I probably eat way less carbs
    then I did before abstinence
    but more than I should
    for steady weight loss

  18. I'm reading a book called, "Life Without Bread" and they suggest you start at 72 carbs. I know it's different for everyone, but this is what is working for me right now. :)

  19. 70 - 75 would be a holiday splurge for me!
    Atkins Induction says 20 ish to start....
    but only if you want quicker results!


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