22 January 2011

getting over

Poor Ali outside doing her smoking thing.
Taking a break between boxes.
She graciously spent a week with me to help
me sort out boxes and stuff in my apartment.

Piles of stuff, placed by the front door.
 Soon-to-be out of here!
My apartment is getting an Extreme Make-Over, as well.

How quickly does this stuff add up!!
It amazes me how fast a dog-pile of crud 
can creep it's way into your space!

Kinda like food and weight.
Sometimes the numbers add up.
Sometimes it seems they multiply exponentially!
But only going up.... hardly ever going down the scales.
Except maybe in induction.

That's why Obesity is a problem.
Diseases don't always play fair.
If they did - it wouldn't be a problem!

Here's me looking dapper - or so I thought.
A lost pic from Oct 2009 -
6 months into LoCarb already... 
Add another 30+ pounds on to this Husky image!
Oh how I wish I had taken a good set of before 
weights and pictures!

I followed my best advice and Walked On By
the nuts.... and no one got hurt-eded.

We ate like LoCarb Kings (or Queens) this week:
Brisket, salad, bacon, roasted veggies, Tex-Mex,
protein shakes, water....
We planned to go on a walk every day.
But we didn't plan on a pseudo-blizzard .....so.......
the walk didn't happen - except the parameter of the store!

A handful of Canadian money
I could go out an get me a Timmy with a Toonie, eh?
A long-lost treasure amongst my many finds,
buried deep in a time capsule of storage boxes -
waiting patiently to be re-discovered, this very day.

Someone's little grand-daughter 
(I'm a Hospice Nurse, If you didn't know)
drew this for me - back in the day....

I took up the whole page! Indeed I did!
Notice she even drew the name tag!

The Butterfly is the International symbol for Hospice Nursing!
Did you know?

Hope your weekend is all that you want it to be!


  1. We've had hospice services three times for mom, dad, MIL, and no, never learned the butterly is the symbol. But it makes sense (transition, change, the symbol for the soul leaving the body in some traditions, death and rebirth).

    Love the badge detail!!! Cute.

  2. Canadian money, cool, eh? BTW, I don't say eh that much - lol.

  3. I probably say it more than you do, eh?

  4. You could get an extra large for less than a toonie :)
    I love that the butterfly is the symbol for hospice nursing it seems like a wonderful sign.

  5. The brisket look Mahvelous, dahling! Can you tell I'm hungry? Great photos, Anne and good for you on your decluttering efforts. I could use some of that here. Maybe when the weather is warmer...

  6. De-Cluttering of body and home! You're a marvel!. I have no 'before' pictures to speak of either but I shall take a few now. You can tell from your latest photos how far you've come!

  7. Hospice nurses rock, but you know already I felt that way. =)

    I am still gasping in horror that you have your rebounder in your get-rid-of pile! GASP. I love my rebounder and cannot wait until I can bounce, bounce, bounce again.

    Good job on all that decluttering and hard work!

  8. My house could use a makeover!!! but I usually throw away all the stuff I later need, I am an all or nothing kind of person... go figure :o)

  9. Jo - No!
    The rebounder only served as place to put junk!
    I haven't used it for a week!

  10. Aah the beautiful butterfly...reminds me of you.

    Let me know when you want to get that coffee...

  11. International symbol? No, I didn't know. You've lost oodles of weight and you look so much healthier and fitter! :)

  12. How nice of Alison to help you! Looks like you two did a great job decluttering. Just so you know, I will be expecting detailed reports about the progress of the apartment makeover. With pictures... Just sayin.

    The brisket looks sooooo good! I'd love to have some of that.

  13. I didn't know about the butterfly. I'll have to share that with my mom. She's a hospice nurse.

  14. I am going to tell my grandma about the butterfly. Hospice helped her with grandpa this year and I have to tell you, they were a Godsend.
    Me being in nursing for 12 years could only handle so much along with her, grandpa passed away while I was camping. He did say good-bye to me the day before I left. I wonder if he knew. I miss him, right now really bad.
    You are doing great work Anne, really great work and I don't mean the cleaning though that is coming along nicely too.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  15. way to go on the de-dogpiling
    now you know what it takes
    maybe you'd like to come help me?

    and you're so bullseye
    with kinda like food and weight
    uh-huh it certainly is

    have fun with the make-over
    you deserve it in every way
    maybe frame one of the drawings?

  16. Nice you had help spring (winter) cleaning :) Cute little pictures too.

  17. Great minds think alike, Anne ... or was that Great Ann(e)s think alike?

    I was doing some pre-spring cleaning of our master closet. My half of th closet (which is really 3/4 of the closet) is practically empty of clothes, I have so much that is TOO BIG for me now! Goodwill is going to be rich in big gal clothes next week. I also went through boxes of "stuff" and got rid of a lot. It feels good!

    I still have work to do on it, but the project had to be shelved because I got a boo-boo. It'll be weeks before I can get back to it, so I'm glad I got done what I did.

    I call it "Pre-Spring Cleaning," so I hope to be able to finish closets by Spring Cleaning time.

  18. Coffee sounds like a good thing.
    Now that I don't tend to abuse caffeine!
    I even like coffee that much better!
    And yay for the cleaning projects!


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