20 January 2011


Thanks to:

Debbie at 

And Karen

And of course Kelly

And Patsy

Thanks, y'all!

I am to tell 7 things about myself that you might not know.
And 5 guilty pleasures! Kinda mix the two!

First things first.
7 things.

1. I was a music major in college!
I played the drums/ percussion.
I was in Sigma Alpha Iota.
And have my 451, which is the highest 
undergraduate proficiency for music education.
All by the age of 19.
But no degree.

2. I did finish Nursing School.
But I didn't want to! I wanted to quit soooo bad!
In the Army, and went to the first Desert Storm.
Where I earned two Army Achievement Medals.

3. I worked as a CNA until I was almost 30.
But deep inside I knew I could do "better."
Cuz I was bored to tears.
In the Army, I was offered a chance to go to 
Medical School by 3 instructors.
But I said "No" to that, too!

4. Losing weight is the first (or second) big thing 
I've ever done right.
It's a pattern, this is.
(Ya think?)

It's not because I'm a slacker - No. I'm some 
sort of a Bohemian that uses (or did use)
imperfection/fear as an excuse for not
finishing anything..... ever.....
Like classic Relationship Failure,
and Reaction-Formations!
(And then there's that!)

5. After I lost so much weight,
I am very nervous!
Anxious, really!
And I doubt myself all.the.time!

I really try to over come this awkward sense of angst
I got myself into over the past year and a half.
I am just now starting to get past all that.
And not doubting myself every.moment.of.every.day.
But it's still very much a part of who I am now.

6. I was born blonde as blonde could be
and stayed blonde till I was into my 20's
Then..... suddenly something else!

7. This is the 2nd time I did LoCarb.
The first time, I weighed a whopping 148 pounds!
Which is a little more than I weigh now. Sheesh!
I thought at the time I was soooo heavy!
Go figure.
Five guilty pleasures?
On LoCarb - we are allowed all kinds of so-called "guilty pleasures."
1. Macadamia Nuts are like cashews - Too much of a treat!
2. Every now and then, a What-A-Burger is pretty good.
3. I do enjoy a sugar-free frozen yogurt.
4. Sometimes, I "treat" myself to a Sugar-Free Candy Treat!
But then it's not so good for the next 6 + hours!

Thanks to everyone who has given me the honor of  a peer
type reward - these things mean the world to me!

And to pass is along?
I take the easy way:
Every one who reads here!
Pick up the torch and carry on!
I am really really bad a naming people. 
There are just too many good blogs out there.
Thank you!
Blogs and Kisses, Everyone!
Hope your day is lovely!


  1. I love these little "shares". Wishing you a peaceful, anxiety-free, confident day.

  2. I love knowing how everyone is still growing and molding themselfs, it makes the world a much smaller place. <3 *hugs*

  3. p.s. very awesome about the army stuff :)

  4. I read "molding" "moldy"! BWAHAHAHA! The music major thing explains why you are so good at making cool noises with your mouth! *drip*

  5. Very interesting to get to know you, Anne. I tried out for drum major in college but didn't win. I was also a music ed major before I dropped out. Now I'm taking online classes for a degree in psychology. Congrats on the award, dear. :)

  6. I, too, was a music major. Hotcha!!! also, no degree. hahahaha

  7. Anne, I LOVE getting to learn more about you!!! Very interesting ;)

  8. My first boyfriend was a drummer...and yeah getting these little nuggets of Anne is fun!

  9. Very interesting. It's always nice to learn these tidbits and get to know you a bit better with each of them.

    I believe you on the nervous/anxious part. I am only starting to feel that way and I suspect it's going to get stronger over time. I am preparing myself for it.

  10. My hubby is a drummer. And he's so HOT when he drums. Whoa! Ahem, that aside...

    What cool achievements. And so much in common (fear of failure, incompletion of things) we have, Missy!

    Well, you conquered the fat. You'll conquer other unfinished things that MATTER to you...you'll see. :)

    Hugs to you, because YOU ARE A SWEETIE!!!! And much better for us than strawberry shortcake. :D

  11. Always cool learning things about people. Truthfully I can picture you succeeding in anything you wanted to Anne. My day is going pretty good so far.

  12. I gave you a Stylish Blogger award too. A few days back though. :)

    Love reading all the stuff about you. You are an amazing person! Don't doubt yourself. You are wonderful.

  13. We never stop growing and learning. And macadamia nuts are the BEST.

  14. Thanks for sharing, Anne. It's nice to get to know you better. I think you're a very cool person, and also a very nice person!

  15. If it helps you calm your nerves at all, I've now maintained my weight loss for 3 years. I've never been the same size three years in a row in my life. So, if I can do it, so can you. I don't even find it hard any more. I learned to love my healthy habits and what they do for me and so I prefer them over the old. Yup, I keep at it cause I want to.

  16. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  17. I think you did rather well until now! Your CV is remarkable to me!! Music was the most impressive! :)

  18. Congratulations on the blog award!! Well-deserved. I considered majoring in music for a time during college but ended up going a different direction... music is so wonderful.

  19. Loved learning more about you!

  20. You should have gone to medical school-you could have shown those arrogant little trust fund babies a thing or two...um yeah, I have issues. ;-) Congrats on your awards!

    Polar's Mom

  21. You are irresistibly sweet and I'm certain you're not a slacker (lol - love that word) and a blonde bombshell.

  22. Always fun to learn these little things. Thanks for sharing:)

  23. I'm late to this party - it's Bloggers fault for not updating you!

    Anyway, I loved learning these tidbits about you Anne. And I think I realized something about myself that I'm going to share in next week's Tuesday Ten.

  24. That doubting yourself all the time? I feel you... I hope that gets less and less as time goes on and you realize how awesome you are! Slacker? NO WAY, is slacker and Army even aloud to be used to describe the same person?!?!?
    I love learning new things aboutcha! :)


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