06 July 2010

nobel funk off

Just in time for Dali Lama's

A fun-to-watch YouTube video!
(and a link)

Peace - to you today!
I am outta here!

Not going anywhere-
just "peace- out!"
"Where ever you go - there you are!"

Quickie lunch today....
Too much protein yesterday, so backing off today.
Party like a.... LoCarb Rock Star!

Last year's smirk! And this year's!


  1. And look - they are all smiling!
    Fun and happy happy - joy joy!

  2. Hi Anne, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sure it's no surprise that I'm having a lot of trouble -- hope to get back to blogging soon.

  3. Have a safe trip. Where are you going? I'm so behind!

  4. can't at work.. will try to later..

    "Hi!!!" :)

    Amy Lionheart

  5. You gave me my smile for today :)

  6. That was too funny Anne, you are something, thanks for the nice comment over at my blog today. your a sweetheart. take care.

  7. Not only is the change in a year dramatic, but you've shaved years off your apparent age. Way to go, youngin'

  8. A year and a 7 months from that pic...
    A year and 4 months on LoCarb!
    Sure do wish I knew my real starting weight.
    The coconut picture wasn't even my heaviest.

  9. Have I told you my Dali Lama joke?

    What did the Dali Lama say to the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything.

    LOL It never fails to crack me up.

  10. What a difference a year makes! The pic comparison is stunning.

    Did you see this Dali Lama post today???? It's terrific.

    xo jj

  11. The Funk Off was pretty darn cool...You da Rockstar!

  12. True dat - but only in my dreams!

  13. The funk off was funktastic! I feel like I saw this band a few weeks ago at The Augusta House...but I might have had one too many soda waters.

    Love the difference in the pics...the smirk is the same though.

    Peace to you too Anne!

  14. That was hilarious!
    And wow on those comparison pics... such a dramatic change!
    Just today I did the same thing, and posted side by sides like that.
    Loved seeing your change.


  15. wow girl you have come a long way, looking good :)


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