18 July 2010

back on track

At a Boxcar Park

Just sitting there in the middle of nowhere - 
Maybe it's a hint from the Universe?

"Back To School" is already in the stores.

Grocery Stores sell BBQ right out front - 

Smells really really good here!

One more dish of Sugar Free Frozen Yogurt.
It's a treat - for special times....
Not an everyday indulgence!
This is eggnog and world class vanilla.

My little friend almost pounced on me.
Can you see his little ears?

Then he stared me down for a good 3 or 4 minutes.

Can't cheat the side view!
Last year and this year...

Monster w/protein
Egg Whites International w/ eggnog spices
Hamburger w/salad 
Coffee w/cream
Glob of Peanut Butter w/red pepper flakes
5,200 steps at work
Waking up with out the heaviness of the world 
Is quite the new experience. Very freeing!
I know I'm not completely out of the proverbial woods.
But my life is sooo much better than it was, when I doubted myself.

Through blogging, and people who read, and comment here,
I have been judged (if you will) by a jury of my own peers.
And exonerated. Maybe even forgiven. Or accepted. At least tolerated.
So thank you all for helping me draw a little blog-shaped box around my past,
And gently lay it to rest.
And since I've been released from the rusty cage I once put myself in,
I feel I am now free to move around in my little aspect ratio of the Universe!
Some of the people I've met through blogging have changed my life forever.
Not one day goes by where I don't wish to include you!
I feel like I have known you my whole life.

Hope your day is filled with meaning - and Love!
And great choices!


  1. OMG that food looks YUMMY!smile.

  2. Then and now side views are quite striking. You look great. I sure wish we could cook on our barbecue grill like the food in the pictures.
    We did ribs once, but were a little tough. We have never done a whole chicken.

  3. Don't forget loved...you are LOVED!

  4. Hey Anne - those are heavy words. You put them together so well. You're gifted.

    P.S: I can't wait to be able to do a "side" view before/after. It's blogs like yours that keep me motivated that it can be done and it does work. Oh yeah, once again, I am JEALOUS of your frozen yogurt :(

  5. Oh that BBQ looks soo goood... Is that sausage on a stick?

  6. Wow! Check out that side profile. Awesome anne!!!!

  7. Loving right back at you!

    That's one chiseled side profile.

    I appreciate the artist in your blogging style. Your creativity screams art. I get it.

  8. BBQ pictures are making me hungry. Yummy...

    Great side view and great personal view, Anne. Gaining a bit of serenity is a thing of profound beauty. I'm glad you are enjoying your well-deserved part of it.

  9. I take my hat off to you Anne. You've done a great job-- Physically and emotionally. I'm really proud of you. And you deserve all the happiness your heart can hold. Yeah YOU!

    The bbq looks amazing but Peanut Butter w/red pepper flakes?!?!?! Seriously? I've never heard of that one before.

    Have a fantastic week my friend! xo jj

  10. I love the side few, I always wanted a jawline, maybe some day. you look amazing, you are a wonderful woman, I am so glad of all your progress, and yes I feel I have known you a long time......girlfriend I don't think I have ever heard of Peanut Butter and red pepper flakes...where did you come up with that one.
    Have a great week Anne.

  11. Great profile picture.....love it.
    Those BBQ's look so good, I BBQ'ed a hamburger tonight and it was the best burger I have ever had.....so good I made another one but it didn't tast as good as the first one.
    So glad you are feeling better, you know how much we care about you.....Happy Monday my friend, .......:-) Hugs

  12. Amazing profile pictures... I've only ever *known* you slim! :o)

  13. Patsy - I still don't always see myself as slim.

    Everyone - thanks for all the care!
    I've gone through some wild and crazy changes here!


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