28 July 2010

worst. year. evah

A new way to know if it's raining.

Well, it's raining.

My mother once said that when I got mad/ upset as 
"H-E-double hockey sticks"
my eyes would turn greener.

Another color changing entity

Fly, fly, fly like a statue of an eagle

Welcome to Buddha Gardens!

Under construction.
Well, maybe it's a good sign.

Might need to dig deeper into my tool selection....
Elliot's Hardware is always a treat

Driving around from case to case.
No show tunes today....
Mozart piano concertos on the iPod

Shades of hazel.
And a wry smile.
So no one has to run away.
I seldom get mad.
I just cry like a (fill in the blanca).
Well, I DID react by crying, until most recently.
If depression is "learned powerless-ness," then I'm not depressed!

There's a line from the movie "The Red Shoes." (1948)
"Not even the best magician in the world can produce a rabbit
out of a hat, if there is not already 
a rabbit IN the hat!"

So today, I pulled a rabbit, so to speak.
There might be one or two more in there.

In many ways, this has been the best year I have ever had.
In some ways, I cannot ever imagine a worse year!
As my once fave book called it:
"a caricature of creation."

Now I remind myself that this situation calls for 
correction - not punishment.
From me, to me.

So I am still in a good enough mood.
Probably better than I would have been,
And definitely better than I was!
At least I am learning how to handle things better.
And not just hide, and wait for it to pass.
My Spiritual Advisor calls that kind of rumination "mental masturbation."
(Who me? What - no way!)
Regular problems are one thing.
It's the unnecessary problems that cause a burden.
The drama and rage - I can do without that!
Isn't life challenging enough sometimes?

Tine Thing Helseth on YouTube
Haydn Trumpet Concerto 3rd movement.

No Monster. Doing good on the caffeine cut-back.
Might be key in my being "proactive" instead of  "reactive" ??
Ya think? :D

Diet Ginger Ale w/lime
Diet cream soda w/protein
Hamburger w/ heinz 57
Water, coffee, guarana
Snack pack of mixed nuts
A couple of slices of ham and cheese

I hope you are having a peaceful and happy day.
Inner peace counts double!


  1. Good news on your caffeine cut-back. I decided today that I am going to only have one cup of coffee in the mornings. The scale is saying my weight is dropping. I think I am finally caring about it enough to pay attention to calories and quantities.

  2. I agree- " It's the unnecessary problems that cause a burden. The drama and rage - I can do without that!?" The DRAMA- when will it stop? For some people- it never does.

  3. I didn't want to believe you.
    But I think it is true for some people.
    It doesn't mean I don't care.
    It just means I am letting down my end
    of the "tug-of -war" rope.
    Before someone gets hurted-ed.
    Like me!

  4. Good on you for letting the things that don't matter no longer bother you.

    It's a freeing change, worth the effort. I know. Been there.

  5. Love Elliott's!

    Yep, putting down the rope (and let it just be) is a worthwhile lesson. I have to re-learn it sometimes, but I feel better each time.

    It sounds like this "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times" year has been a real life changer in many ways, yes? What may start out being about the size of our pants ends up being about the size of our world. Here's to smaller pants and a bigger world.

    Congrats on the caffeine thing. I'm cutting way, way down, but not completely off, yet.

  6. I think most years are like that...some good parts, some bad parts. It is a real bonus when the good parts exceed the bad.

    I love Buddha Gardens. Who waters the Buddhas? Maybe that could be my job.

    I concur on the caffeine results.

    Why would anyone want to run away? I love visiting here.

  7. You have a wonderful attitude and certainly glad that you are in a better mood...a better place.

  8. Inner peace is definitely a great feeling! I took a step closer to it today :)
    Mental masturbation eh! I'll have to think on that one!

  9. Glad you are in such a good space, some days are harder than others, but somehow we get to where we need to be. good for you. hugs.

  10. eh, sometimes the worst years are the most spiritually fulfilling, the times we grow the most.
    Here's to growth.

  11. I think then I am only a half point!! stress and exhaustion!! Tomorrow I will sleep :P

  12. Okay ... what is guarana? Congrats on fighting the monster, Anne! I think we can all relate to the "some good/some bad" aspects you mentioned, but you have to keep in mind we need shadows to appreciate sunshine - and vice versa. I know I appreciate your fun sense of humor and your photo postings! ("Well, it's raining" indeed!) haha

  13. Guarana is a caffeine supplement -
    This one is from Brazil...
    Has about as much caffeine as a cup or two of coffee.
    Mine came from Whole Foods.

  14. I laughed at your mother saying that- i say the same to my girls about their dark blue eyes. seem to go turquoise when their mad lol

  15. Barzini is dead. So is Phillip Tattallgia. Moe Green. Slacci. Cuneo. Today I settled all family business so don't tell me that you're innocent. Admit what you did.

  16. You have WAY too much fun with that camera...LOL

  17. As always, I love the pictures and your view of the world.
    I'm glad you are finding your happy place and not letting things get to you. I read the book Blink recently and it said that if we go through the motions of smiling then our body and emotions will follow. If we make the face of someone under stress or angry then our heart rate will actually increase. Weird stuff. Just thought I'd share. :)

  18. Great taste in music! Mozart always soothes the soul.

  19. It's a journey! No happiness just occurs, you're doing a great job of finding and creating your own happiness. Good for you. I agree with Dawne, Mozart is always wonderful!!

  20. New perspectives [took a long time to acquire] chased the big D away for me. I really don't miss it.

    Love your photos. I bought a new plant from the hardware store. Hope I don't kill this one. Talk about black thumbs! :-O

  21. "H-E-double hockey sticks" Ha! Haven't heard that one in a long time.

    You've had a very interesting year, Anne. But I'm hoping you're feeling really good about all your positive accomplishments. Like I always say, one step at a time. You're doing a great job.

    xo jj

  22. Allan:
    "It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business."
    How funny is this guy!


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