03 July 2010

riders on the storm

Riders on the storm, for sure.

Off to a Water Buffalo Lodge meeting?

Happy people work here!

"have a relatively non-threatening, stress-free day"

Everybody's NUTS!
Remember, you heard it here, first.

How to tell when the honeymoon phase is over.
Or not! (I'm just sayin'...)

All work and no play....

I brought my lunch in a cooler!

Monster w/protein x2
Egg white protein - egg nog style
Ham and cheese - pepper jack and cheddar
Then at home, a happy salad!
OMG is was the best part of the day!
Water, coffee, fizzy water, (just carbonated)
Crazy Water.... (this just added!)

"So good, it's crazy!" 
Comes from Mineral Wells, TX.
And is heavy on the minerals
and heavy metals.
Good Electrolyte replacement!
7,500 steps in the rain....
I'm too tough (read as: impaired)
to use an umbrella, so I was soaked at work.

Wicked is still playing in my iPod - I wake up singing it!
At least I wake up singing something!
And I didn't even melt when I got soaked....go figure!
I hope with all my jump-started ♡ heart
that you are having a great day - weekend!
And a safe and happy 4th of July
Where ever you are!
By the way, I just noticed -
I haven't had a headache in over a week!


  1. And yes, I worked on Saturday -
    I almost always do!
    I'll be doing more bedside care, and less driving
    maybe starting this next week.

  2. I am thrilled that you have not had a headache in over a week. To what do you attribute this miracle?

    You are so fun Anne! I don't use umbrellas either as I think I will be hit by lightning. I would rather be wet than fried.

    What is in a happy salad?

  3. Cool lunch pail, Anne. I really like pepper jack too. The yellow mug, is it yours or at a store?

  4. Happy salad, Miss K, is the salad I ate!
    It is now part of me for the next 7 years or so.

    And the yellow mug, I saw it in the office,
    Right next to the pink flamingo in a box!

    The headaches are better from not having to take
    my daily dose of Sudafed.
    Perhaps now I need less meds of any kind....
    And maybe one day, no meds at all!
    *I have LOW blood pressure, and take a Sudafed every day
    to raise it. The kind you sign for. Have for years now.

  5. All has been revealed...except the secret ingredients to your salad...

    I am 5'6". A giantess compared to your petite princessness.

  6. Do you take ALL the pictures or do some come for other places and your imagination? They always make me smile.

  7. I take all my own pics, with very very few exceptions,
    And those were early on.... like a year ago or more!

    One, however, I couldn't reach, so I had my friend take the pic,
    but with my camera. She's a wee bit taller than me, eh?

    99% of the pics I take are "as is."
    I come across something unusual. And click it!
    I never have construct a scene (unless indicated)
    and I hardly ever photoshop them.
    Just to crop or straighten them.

    And the salad was just a Mixed Bag Salad....
    With 1,000 Island dressing and ham and cheese chunks.
    So cool and cold - it WAS iceberg lettuce, after all!

  8. Walking in the rain is lovely - especially if you splash in puddles too :p

  9. Hmmm....I guess Texas doesn't have any helmet laws? And all that cool water splashing on a hot engine can't be good either. Oh well..not my ride.

  10. LOL, off to the water buffalo lodge. Dedicated indeed to wear the hat in the car. Your highlighter skills are awe inspiringto be sure. Fizzy & Crazy water?

  11. Patrick - I put a link up for Crazy Water....
    It's a real product- they sell at Whole Foods.
    And the fizzy water is just water I carbonate myself...
    with my trusty little cartridge of CO2.

    Kyle - Cool water splashing on a hot engine!
    Sizzzzzzling! ;)

    Fiona - I love to splash in puddles....
    Singing in the rain?

  12. I like the photo of the smiley face with the condensation creating the long
    hair. What really caught my attention was that you can't carry your hand gun
    into the building. I'm guessing it must be a common occurence if they need to post a sign. Or does that just pertain to the Non-Water Buffalo Lodge Members?

  13. Only the ones who know the Secret Handshake!

  14. Hey guess what everybody -
    I finally did something right!
    After one solid year of work -
    I fINALLY broke the code!
    Yay - now I really get it!

    Guess I just needed one more bit of info!
    Guess now I am finally free!
    I was about to react - my hand automatically stopped -
    I paused,,,,,,,, and now I now I really understand!
    I even erased a horrible post before I put it up!
    More proof that I got it - I got it - I got IT!!!!!!

    If you only knew how freaking long I have devoted every freaking waking hour to this situation!
    And just now I get it!
    We'll see if this time it really does stick.

  15. What did you get? What is the secret? Tell all!


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