19 July 2010

temple in the country

Whilst driving down this country road today,

I saw this sign for a Laotian Buddhist Temple.
What? Way out in the middle of nowhere?
How can that be?

Indeed- it was there!

On the grounds there is a pond

Like an oasis in the middle of a desert.

The Monks were eating lunch.
So a different person took me around.
He and I took off our shoes, and went into the temple.
He knelt. I knelt.
He bowed. I bowed.
He asked if I wanted to take a picture.
He asked me! Now I know I am dreaming!

The whole day was incredible -
Although it didn't start off that way.
It started off with a test of my new-found confidence.
I guess it was restored! 

Now I took the rest of the day, and finished my housework.
Which I once called "chores." 
But now, it's like maintaining my weight loss, or anything else.
It's not a chore to keep up with blogs, or friends.
It's not a chore to manage my life!

Hope your day is going great!


  1. You find the coolest stuff!

  2. What a beautiful treasure to find!

  3. I am not a buddhist but this temple is beautiful, I know the monks are quiet, calm and do no harm to anyone.....they live in a state I think we all would like to live in. What a great day you had........:-) Hugs

  4. I am becoming a big fan of Buddhism.

    I can't believe you came across this lovely treasure. You really seem to attract beauty and wonder.

    Glad your day ended up being incredible.

  5. I think that temple in the middle of nowhere was some sort of sigh that the universe is watching out for you and that you are doing A-okay!

    You find the greatest things-- then actually stop to check them out! That is so cool Anne.

    Happy day, xo jj

  6. I am thrilled by your find Anne, and that you check things out. I love what they stand for and am intriqued by Buddhism. It must be a sign. take care.

  7. Cool! The temple looks just like the ones in Laos! Amazing and I love that you had the time to stop and explore it.

  8. I auditioned to be Buddha for that place...thankfully, I'm much less Buddish than I was before.

  9. Oh - I get it now!
    That's why they were being so nice to me!
    The Buddha belly, eh?
    And I thought it was just karma.

  10. what a fun day, I will go to one of the beach canyons and there is a Buddist temple, and take pictures. I have always been afraid to go in ... My bloggy pal did it, so so can I !!!

  11. Mazel Tov on your spiritual find. My knowledge of Buddhism is learned from Eddie Murphy in "The golden Child", but that is one pretty temple. I am assuming you didn't tell the monks that your diet encourages eating mainly "anything with a face". Oy Keep on trippin

  12. How did I miss 2 posts? Hmmm. Great posts too. Love the photo of you in your 2x scrubs.
    Love the discovery of the temple in the middle of nowhere!

  13. Um, what do monks eat for lunch? Did you pass out Monster's to them?


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