16 July 2010

dog days of summer

A new dog, "Patrick" at the Old Folks Home.
Scratch that - I meant "Canine Companion."

He loves is new "job."
But the first week someone ran over his little (big) foot
with a wheelchair. So now he's a little shy.

Took the place of the old one, who died last week.
Same breed, younger, more cuter.
I think he likes me!
We're taking it slow this time.... 
Last time, we jumped right in.
Easy does it, eh?

Sugarless deLite has sugar free frozen yogurt. 
If anyone comes to Dallas to visit,
I would take them here.

World-Class Vanilla and Toffee Coffee flavoured yum.
5 grams "effective" (net) carbs per small cup.
No cravings yet, so it's all good!

Also scored these "Drenchers"
Fit N Lean Fruit Juice Beverage.
4 grams carb per bottle - 2 grams per serving.

Ah, the sights and sounds of the big bad city!

I can get around almost anywhere -
But get anxious out in the middle of nowhere.
Go figure! Good feedback, though.
I think I need to get to know myself - 
perhaps a little better. 
Not just the visual/physical - the heavy me - the lighter me.

I'm still pleasantly surprised when I do well.
And get to remind myself that I can do hard things.

They have a great idea!
Take one of these camping to the Grand Canyon.
Bring your bike and meet me there!

Home delivery, puppy style

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

An awesome salad: bagged mixed lettuce,
blackberries, walnuts, canned chicken (chilled)
and Cherry Cheddar Cheese.
Ranch and French Dressing.

Food tastes better when you are really really hungry!
Wait for it!

Monster w/protein
Water, coffee w/ cream x 2
Atkins bar, sf frozen yogurt
Salad on a Platter - ain't no little saucer.

I am "on call" this weekend, which is way cool.
Just to say it is cool. "Sorry - can't - I'm on call!"

Oh, and no more nightmares about SpongeBob!
Die, creature, die! Yet he just kept advancing.
Bad dreams have no logic - what would he want me for?
When you think about them, there is nothing to fear.
From The Far Side:

Hunger, heat, and deprivation can have a strong downward pull.
So far, though, I still haven't plotted against myself -
For a few weeks, now! And no (constant) headache for weeks, as well!
Yay! And my life circumstances haven't really changed.
I'm just more able to handle it without needing a "prop."

I hope you are doing something good for yourself this weekend!


  1. Frozen yogurt.... THE BEST!!!

  2. Got the idea from your blog, Miss Karla!
    Yummy - on a hot day like today!

  3. That's great advice! Wait for it...

  4. Can i admit i've never tried frozen yogurt :)
    And that doggie is a cutie patootie!!

  5. Hey Anne I am having problems putting a youtube or any video actually in my blog thru blogspot. Can you give me any help or suggestions? They upload really huge. I will be looking for a response from you on my blog, thank you in advance.smile.

  6. Glad to help!
    For what it's worth....

  7. Love the new doggie, and the name Patrick, so cute...does he like his job? Is he still on probation? lol

    That frozen yogurt looks yummy.

  8. I liked tha wait for it advise as well. You made me look at something different. Thanks!

    We really are stronger then we think. We all can do hard things!

  9. Hey Girl, I 've just recently found your blog. I wasn't sure but then I saw a post that showed a map of you work route. I figured you had to be a home health nurse of some type (Former home health nurse here). Then I read Hospice nurse. Cool ...very cool. You guys are the best. I once wanted to be a hospice nurse , but then half of my family died (seriously) in a matter of a few years from various illnesses. Had enough of dying for a while. Now I'm one of the good guys at an insurance company.

    Thanks for bringing a smile to the blog world and keeping it real.

    I'm following a higher protein/ low carb delivery meal plan but they have these protein shakes --you add water and shake. You might like them-good for on the go eating. The company is Healthy Wise (I am sooo not affiliated with them). Just thought it might add a little variety to your on the go eating. I might order some of their stuff for myself as well.
    See ya round....

  10. The dog is sooo cute (can't show my son-he'll want one). I'm SOOOO jealous of your frozen yogurt! We tried to make a sugar free avocado ice cream and it DID NOT pan out (my husband received an ice cream maker for Father's Day). I have been on the look-our for a GOOD cheesecake (I have, like, 5 pks of cream cheese sitting in my fridge begging to be used!LOL).

  11. Ouch, those wheels on wheelchairs have all the weight of the person sitting in the chair. Pain.
    We have an ice cream maker so I looked up recipes for Toffee Coffee Ice Cream. We adapt recipes to low fat and low sodium on everything we make here. I can see that we will be able to have Toffee Coffee ice cream. I so agree about waiting for hunger and then eating and eating slowly.

  12. Oh my goodness!! That dog has the BEST FACE EVER!!!

  13. Frozen yougurt! Yum! Don't think I have ever seen such a thing in this part of the world.

    And Patrick! What a sweet face. I am sure he will be a valuable staff member once he leatns his new job. Canine companion, morale booser, solace provider, and general purveyor of cute. But I hope he doesn't develop a permanent fear of wheelchairs!

  14. SF free frozen yogurt? I am halfway to the airport already.

    Nice new doggie, sad that the old doggie died.

    What the heck is that big green puffy marshmallow man doing? Scared again...

  15. Be afraid - be very afraid!
    But only of the puffy green lawnmower/
    marshmallow man!

  16. Cherry Cheddar Cheese??!! That sounds really good. I'll be on the lookout for it.

    GREAT that Sponge Bob is gone and you're feeling better.

    It's awful hot here too-- The kind that slows me down. Hope you're on call in air conditioning!

    Happy weekend,

  17. ranch and french dressing? That sounds, um, interesting.

  18. What a beautiful pouch! I love "animal assisted therapy". Great looking salad as well.

    Hope you have a swell weekend, Anne!


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