11 July 2010

doctor, my eye

Miss B comes for Sunday breakfast on the veranda.

Hamburger with spinach, tomato and onion
With eggs and cheese.
Coffee with s/f caramel and cream.
Chipotle hot sauce and Toronto Seasoning.
Canadian Tex-Mex!

Miss B is a neighbor who has always supported me in my weight loss journey!

These Pegasus Art Works show up all around Dallas.
It's kind of a symbol of the city of Dallas,
and a downtown landmark.
Goes back to the Mobil Oil icon/ logo back in the day.

It's conversation worthy when you see one -
They have a pretty good rep in town.

The local grocery store has Dallas Cowboy (and Cowgirl) stuff!

Get your snakes and bikes here!

Seeing more Dreamfield's LoCarb Pasta on the grocer's shelf.
Oh, and uh, Moon Pies.

How funny is that - someone thought I was a Doctor today!
Must have been the little black bag.
Little do they know it's filled with Jelly Donuts!

"HaHa - I kid, I kid!"
(*using the "Triumph the Insult Comic Dog" voice here*)

RockStar (blue) NoCarb with whey protein.
I mix isolated and concentrated whey - there is a difference.
Concentrated Whey tends to fill you up - lasts about 3 or 4 hours.
Isolated Whey is often designer  -and more expensive- and is absorbed faster.
So they say! At any rate, the mix works for my hunger control.

Salad, with the best Avocado I've ever had. Craving Avocados these days!
Hamb egg scramble (above) for breakfast. Mine with no cheese.
I put some coconut oil right in my coffee with cream. 
I've been eating too many nuts again. I have a one snack pack limit.
And I don't want to go.... well you know.... nuts.
I haven't plotted against myself for.... let's see.... about a week now. (Wow!)
Someone said I look happier. And I am! It just snuck up on me somehow.
Hope your weekend wrap-up is loving and kind with happy thoughts!
And a gentle, peaceful outlook for the week ahead!


  1. I love it when happiness sneaks up and surprises me. It does look good on you and I am glad you haven't hatched any fiendish plots against yourself. That's as it should be.

    Happy Thoughts to you!

  2. Not plotting against yourself is something I should try sometime.

    Glad you had a nice visit with your supporter Miss B.

    When I see those pinks shirts I am reminded of Jessica Simpson...and she frightens me.

    Avocados are just so darned good! I am a big fan as well.

  3. BTW...coffee with cream and coconut oil sounds yum!

  4. I'm coming to your place for breakfast! You make a great breakfast, "Doctor"!!

  5. Everyone is invited.
    Note to self: I need more eggs!

  6. My daughter loves Moon Pies, allot! So I wont show her this or I'll have to go buy her some.

  7. Miss B looks like fun to be around. I love having guests for Sunday breakfast! Hey, I just love breakfast.

  8. What a great way to spend a morning not to mention the great company!

  9. :)

    Happiness that sneaks up is sometimes the best kind :)

  10. You are still plotting ms.anne; its just that you have been plotting/planting happy seeds for so long now that the summer harvest is overflowing. So much goodness and kindness you have enough to share with your real and vitual neighbors.

    Just what the Doctor Ordered.

  11. How nice... happiness snuck up on you. :-)

    And I've never had a Moon Pie. When they come out with a lowcarb version, I'll have to try one. ;-)


  12. I don't think a Texan should touch Canadian Tex Mex!!! I'm sure we don't do it right. My friend who just came home from your country, I mean state, is raving about some huge, yogurt store. Yogurt Land? Yogurt Ville? I totally think you should do a post on this place - it sounds amazing.

    I love that you make me laugh every day.

  13. what Annie said xoxoxooxox

  14. You often remind me it is about being happy, I so often forget

  15. Yeah - when we forget is when we seem to need it the most!
    I "get it" when I stop being my own worst enemy -
    if only for a moment!

  16. So glad you feeling happier. Sometimes the subtle changes are the best. You DO look happier.

    The breakfast looked pretty dang good.

    Continued happienss!


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