23 July 2010

honey bun- bunny

Blondes DO have more fun!
Posing in gas stations with beer posters!

Still no Monster drink - day 3 or 4 ....
My headache is keeping me from counting right!
Just caffeine withdrawals.

Delivering DeGiorno's Pizza

Bread is on my mind.

This place gives out "free smells."
Of bread.

Ice cream is on my mind.

So I went to Sugarless deLite and got a small
 World Class Vanilla w/ pistachio frozen yogurt.
Didn't eat the chocolate. Not a fan. I can take or leave chocolate.
Kept it in case the withdrawals got too bad.

Then, later in the day, I got a What-A-Burger 
Bacon Double Cheeseburger
with onions and Chop House sauce.
It was so good I almost bit my own finger! (again)


These guys were happy to get some bread scraps.
But I must confess, I ate a huge amount of that bun.
and it was wonderful! OMG!

Came home, took my blood sugar - about an hour later.
Just for grins..... it was 107 which is ok~ish...
But normally it is in the 60 - 80 range.
I'll take it again later,  just for fun.
*I just took my blood sugar again.
It was 88* 

I let myself get too hungry last night.
I woke up in the night, wanting some Monster Drink.
Or something. 

Listening to Tech N9ne
"Little Pills"


  1. The Monster guy comes to my restaurant every day. Do you need me to send a case over, ?

  2. I miss whataburger, put myself through college working at one. First thing on my agenda when I fly home is to get a whataburger.

  3. Holy smokes! I just remembered the first time I ever did low carb was when I was working at whataburger! I used to make a salad and top it with a chopped up hamburger patty and squeeze mayo all over it. :)

  4. Your smile is better than the model next to you. Or wait, were you the model and that blonde bozo with the yucky smile was a customer. I'm not sure now.

  5. SheZug....Can't get better than that, eh?
    it really was good today!
    What-A-burger's Birthday is 03 August!
    What a partay that will be.

    TechnoBabe.....I almost caused a riot trying to pose with this poster
    child of beer!

    Allan....Thanks, guy, but I'm trying to cut waay back.
    I was up all night again...not able to sleep.... soooo.....

  6. Had to see what Anne was up to today! Out there sniffing free sniffs of bread - yummy!

    Thanks for the tip on Monster...I'll make sure to never drink it ;-)

  7. Free sniffs? That's too funny!

    I love feeding the ducks around here too :)

  8. Oh, Just Me....
    I didn't just drink it - I uber used it!
    And at my tender age of 50 (in November)
    my poor abused body just can't take the punishment.
    Then I would drink some Vodka to make myself sleep.
    Not good for a "healthy" diet. I quit all that stuff.
    So now I am (more or less) additive free.
    I'll stick with good old coffee, and the occasional splurge.

    NotOfThisWorld....quack quack!
    They told me to tell you that, in case I heard from you! ;)

  9. Aroma therapy and Free Smells! That is so funny... I never know what to expect to see when I visit you... LOL!


  10. I always get a kick from your photos.smile.

  11. The burger sounds good!!!

    I think you had just as much fun when you weren't blond.

    Thanks for the great vacation song!

  12. Just got home from work and you guys are making me hungry :)
    As always A you look fantabulous!!

  13. Oh, you had a Whataburger - jealous! You are so givign that Miller Lite girl a run for her money too!

  14. :)
    Great photos. Love the free smells!

  15. I don't think we have whataburger in Canada, if we do I haven't heard of it but you are all making me crave one.
    Looking good Anne, can you take something to help you sleep like Tylenol PM or something.
    ..........:-) Hugs

  16. Your glucose is "normally" in the 60-80 range? WOW! Is that normal? I'm still learning about sugar levels n' all-I can always feel when I hit 90! And 60! Wow. My body starts to freak out at 80. That could be because I'm not used to it...don't know.

  17. Great pictures, you look WONDERFUL, but then again, you are;)

    You brighten my day, thank you.



  18. Lucy - I am not diabetic, so my numbers
    don't really mean anything at all!
    I only took my reading for fun.

    And so settle a debate from about a year ago:
    Do sugar-free sodas raise your blood sugar, or not?
    Well, in MY case, they did not.

  19. "free smells." I love that!

    You are rocking the blonde Anne. Looking good too!

    Happy weekend,

  20. "It's like a fresh, clean, Texas version of McDonald's." —Tim Love, Lonesome Dove Western Bistro and Love Shack, Fort Worth, Texas

    Order: Whataburger with cheese, bacon, and jalapeños, and two sausage-and-egg taquitos

    ..I'm so homesick for some whataburger, perhaps my vacation next month will find me in Texas chomping on one?


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