27 July 2010

mutt days

A face only a Mutter could love!

The dog? Or me? lol
Splashing through puddles at "Plato's Closet."
A cool resale shop.

Jeans for like $8 a pair...."gently worn" designer clothes!

Question: What is this?

Well, they make a valid point!

Back to School and Summer Clearance now in a store near you

This brand of clear, sugar-free, lightly carbonated beverage
is "Best Choice" from Albertson's.
It is sweetened with Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium.
Whereas the WalMart brand has NutraSweet.
Which is soooo "last year..."

As opposed to amateur fruit?


Can I Haz Cheeseburger?

Yes, but give the buns to this guy....

No Monster as of yet.
Probably been a solid week - or close to it.
Caffeine, yes. Monster, no.

I drive around from case to case.
I can't stop singing! Like I'm happy or something.
Go figure, eh?

A Chorus Line

Hope your week is going great!
Drinking your water?
Staying focused?
You don't have to be a personality,
or a celebrity, or even a a smart-ass
to do this! It is 100% do-able.
And keep-able.


  1. Keep-able is the best part. Thanks for the tip on the Albertson's h2o, I shall check it out.

    Plato's Closet - I've heard about them, but never been. Nope, stop it Roxie, you don't need anything!

    Darling puppy - is it yours?

    Cha-Cha says to tell Daisy Bell hello!

  2. Roxie -
    Nope - It' not my dog!
    Just one Canine Companion at a facility!
    And the clothes....I need some smaller clothes....
    All the gay guys in the office shop there.
    So I figured it was right "up my alley!"
    Wasn't there a clothing shop named "Up Your Alley"?
    Something like that, eh?

  3. I love those rainboots at Plato's Closet. I think they would make a rainy day much happier!

  4. Your dog is so cute. I have a toy poodle. Great pictures. Those jeans were a great price. I hope you got you some. Have a great week. I need to see that musical looks cute.smile.

  5. I love your photos and the glimpse of the way you look at life!

  6. What size are the black fur topped boots? They look just right for me. I dearly love the photo on the truck. A world without hunger. Imagine indeed.

  7. I'd love to put on a pair of those wellies and play in the rain :)

  8. A world without hunger would be a much better place.

    What is that blue thing? We have red ones here that look similar...just kidding. It is a mailbox. You write words down on paper, put them in a an envelope (funny paper holder thingy), stick a picture on the outside and voila! It goes somewhere!

    I am drinking water like a champ and staying focused.

    Glad you are happy, it is the way to be.

  9. I'd love to follow you around all day just to see the sights you see!! I absolutely love your photo travels. Brightens my day every time. :)

  10. "It is 100% do-able.
    And keep-able."

    Ooh, I like that too. Keep-able!


  11. I've spent an afternoon with Anne once and she would see things I just walked right past. I learned to slow down a bit and really look. But even when I slowed down I would not see it from the same angle and that made all the difference when looking at the pictures at the end of the day.
    Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. The trick is you've got to believe it before you can actually see. How does one learn that ...I have no clue.

  12. I'll have to check that h20 out, although Albertson's is called Savemart 'round here. I'm staying hydrated and trying to stay focused.

  13. Wow. A week monster clean. You go!

    A day without sun ... we're in big trouble. :D

  14. What a fun day you had my friend....keep going, monsger clean eh......:-) Hugs

  15. Annie - thanks!
    I have a problem.
    I see - but I don't understand what is right there.
    In front of my own face.
    That's what I miss. The overtly obvious.


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