14 July 2010


Really out in the country today!

Flea Market

The sign says: "Horses 4 sale....Cheap"
In case you need a spare horse around.

Dangerous, indeed!

One wing and a prayer

Pretty Hot And Tempting 

Another day out in the country.
Put me in the big city any time.
This isn't the sweet gentle country.
It's different..... uneasy, in a way.
I dunno - Might be the distant sound of gunshots.

Today was a real test of my new-found trust in myself.
Or my trust in my new-found self. Either.
And I passed! With these "flying colours."

Hamburger and Hot Dog - no bun, of course
Protein and Monster x2
Laughing Cow Cheese (my first)
Atkins bar, coffee w/cream
Snack package of mixed nuts.
Not alot of water today.
My bad! 

Thanks for reading - how's your great day going?


  1. You do visit some out of the way places. A spaceship? Seriously....were you in Texas or Area 51?

  2. funny I was thinking how peaceful the country looked, but I live in Los Angeles, anywhere else looks peaceful

  3. Beautiful evening shots. I noticed the moon and star tonight, too. Hope you get back to civilization soon ;)

  4. Hey Anne! Just read a week's worth of your posts to catch up from while I was on vacation. You've been busy! The green face a few posts back totally cracked me up. I take it "Wicked" is still tops on your play list.

    Gunshots in the distance would have caused me to do a U-Turn. That's very creepy in a small or big city. Yikes.

    I've tried several of the Laughing Cow products and found them to be pretty good.

    Keep up the good work my friend!

    xo jj

  5. Anne, gunshots in the country, we have no shoot em up cowboys here. lol. brave girl. what the heck is that in the first picture. it has me intriqued. so does your photography. beautiful. your awesome my friend, glad to know you. hugs.

  6. ....A great place to visit, but I wouldn't wanna live there....."
    Per se!

  7. There is country and there is creepy country! Great photos :)

  8. hey, that first photo looks like a space ship!

  9. I know, right?
    Glad I wasn't wearing my green make up
    dressed- up like "Wicked!"

  10. As a guitar picker, I was drawn to the "Pickers Wanted" one, but then I realized it was cotton pickers, and then... anyway, some nice imagery from the outlands you got there.

  11. So how much do fleas sell for anyhow?

  12. Ms. Carbtripper they are sending you all over the place; do they pay you by the mile? Clearly its just for our entertainment. You are a most accommodating soul. Yes, better leave your Wicked outfit at home that one wing and a prayer is a foreboding sign.

  13. Distant gun shots?? I'd be out of there in a nano second :) Your braver that me!!

  14. Picking at the cotton club. LOL

    I want that spaceship!

  15. EeeHaw, gonna ride the buckin' bronco.

  16. Oh my...the pic of the moon and the water is simply majestic!

    I need a vacation...is it next week yet?


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