22 July 2010

to market

Crud - it's slow going to get stuck in the tractor lane!

Just be careful!

Shopping today...
Had to adjust the seat forward!
It's been awhile since that's happened.
Almost made me *cry* 

Zero calorie, lightly carbonated beverages. 
Every flavour. About 70 cents per litre.
At Wally World.

I didn't get any more Atkins bars for a while, either.
I have one hard week per month.
Heavy work-out and sparse eating.
More protein shakes - less junk
That seems to work out fine.
This is that week, by the way.

Perfect for Monster replacements!
Typically, I give about half of these away
to people who "just want to try one."

No, thanks - Just Say Know!

A better breakfast for me today!

The Cuteness (aka Kyle) wanted me to be sure and post a picture of his lovely pedicure!

I hope you are having such a great day!
I hope you find something wonderful today!


  1. Okay, Anne, give me the 411 on your lightly carbonated beverages from Wally World. Do they have artificial sweeteners? If so, which ones? Which are your favorite flavors?

  2. Do you get a lot of people walking upside down in Texas?

    Nice beverages!

    Kyle's toes look lovely!

    Seriously, that sausage looks so tasty! I am feeling like picking some up.

  3. I don't like the flavored water Anne, just love ice cold plain water. Your breakfast looks really good.
    Have fun, be good........:-) Hugs

  4. Nice Pedi Kyle. He's cute from head to toes!

    Were those his fries too?

    I'm keeping my eye on Kyle...
    he could be trouble :)

  5. tell kyle i'm jealous of his feet!

  6. That tractor...in the city...how funny!

    I'm still loving that new hair color. And the spikes.

    That breakfast looks SOOO good. Are those peppers sweet or hot?

  7. Kyle is cute!!!!

    I totally know how the pulling the seat closer feels. I'm crying right along with you. It's such an awesome moment.

    You would never find that selection in Canada...only in the USA we say! :)

  8. He's got nicer feet that i do :)

  9. Wow! I'm glad to see the wonderful changes ! :D Those sausages are making me hungry!!! :( hahaha!

  10. The crosswalk sign is a hoot--- I've had days when I felt like that :-)

    Glad you're feeling good but hope the work is easier than the hours are long. Take care of yourself!

  11. Breakfast looks oh so goooood

  12. I like breakfast like that for an evening meal. We use Egg Beaters.

  13. That sausage calls for grits , but then that would be a carb..woops


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