24 July 2010

goats 'n stuff

All righty then!

Just in case the other kind doesn't work

Famous East Texas Produce stands

Never enough "bling!"

Roof-top speed tops-out at 35 mph

Nary a Starbucks to be found out here

Assembly of Go

Rustic and beautiful

I knew it - Santa is on his way!
But alas - I have not been "good!"
No Monster though - so I did meet my only goal for today.

And a pleasant good-night to you all!
Back from the country one last time.
Until next time, that is!

Still no Monster drinks
Some coffee, guarana,
And a hamburger.
And a salad.
No where nearly enough water.
Try again! On the water.


  1. That last picture is amazing. How are you doing sweetie and more important how are you feeling?
    Hope you have a great day......:-) Hugs

  2. I love that last picture of the sunset, it is gorgeous Miss Photographer. Hope you are doing well and enjoying your weekend.

  3. Love the barbed wire photo :)

  4. Do the livestock and goats get very nervous around the lo-carb folks ? EEEk

  5. Thanks, ya'll -
    It looks like a little face in the clouds.
    And, no goats were harmed in the making of this photo montage!

  6. Take that goal hour by hour, your doing great with it!
    I'd better start making my list for Santa :)

  7. I love those deer signs and they make me excited. I'm a deer on the side of the road--LIVING!--loving person. I almost never see any though. I bet you see armadillos quite a bit.

  8. I am not sure about barbed wire, still have bad feelings about it but I know being in Texas it is just a normal thing.

  9. We used to love taking photos of weird signs when we lived in Asia. There was a restaurant called "Placenta Treats!" It was probably spelled wrong on the sign though! I'm surprised all the misspells you can find in Texas.

    There was a deer in our sub division last week - at the four way stop!!!!!!

    Drink up that water and I'll do it with ya!

  10. We had a beautiful golden sunset last night too by the lake...but I forgot my camera! Boo to me.

    Did you buy a goat?

  11. Did not buy a goat.
    But I looked into getting my very own reindeer.
    Hard crowd, those!
    The just don't want to leave the North pole and come to Tejas.

  12. once a goat butted me or my sister--i can't remember which of us--in the stomach. i think we were bothering him/her.

  13. This last picture is absolutely beautiful! WOW.


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