20 July 2010

old stuff for sale

A charming place that sells old stuff

What ever that means!

Thinking of Jo at 282.5

Not - I say again - NOT a teapot!

How to park in the country:
any way you want... any where you can!

Some of the local lakes are flooded areas 
where neighborhoods once were.
Many of the lakes in this area are man-made.

"Old" 66 Bridge just goes right down into the water.
People fish and stuff here now.
(Read as: party)

A day out and aboot.
Cleaning the apartment.
When you are depressed, you tend to let things go.
Perhaps. A bit.
Now, I'm getting things done!

Breakfast and sacks of cans for recycling.
It's been awhile, eh?
Matrix Coffee with a straw.
Why is it Matrix Coffee?
Because there is no spoon!

This just in:
Switching from Monster LoCarb Energy Drink
to a different mix for protein drinks.
Right now, I'm on a Diet Ginger Ale kick.
Green Tea also works as a protein-mix base.
Something lightly carbonated with a mild flavour.
And doesn't cause acid reflux back for me.

I can (theoretically) take the $5 a day (Monster drink habit)
And apply it to somethings else.....like boxing, or salads.
Or box lunches. Or a travel fund for my next trip!

And cutting back on caffeine ("Back," I say - not "out" altogether)
Could only help my pseudo-anxiety situation. Vague uneasiness.
I've already cut out the RedLines. And the Vodka. (For sleep, right?)
And RedBulls. And stayed off of them all. Yay! for not being belligerent!

Oh, and the kitchen is starting to look mighty fine again!
At least I can find the counter tops again, eh?
Laundry...done ✔  
Truck...done ✔
Nap...done ✔
Walking...done ✔

Hope your day is exquisite!


  1. Teapot comment cracked me right up! Anne, are you having fried baloney strips for breakfast?

  2. Curly barbecued worms. Eggs. cheese. Good protein.

  3. There is no spoon,

    There is no spoon,

    There is no spoon!

  4. Nothing so exotic as bologna or woims! (worms)
    It's beef brats cooked on the GForman grill.
    Then they curled up like little rounds.

  5. American Pickers ... they would love it. :) Your spoon is too big (if you don't know what that means you have missed a great animation).

  6. You do look great!

    I love the bionics sign. Parking for Steve Austin only? Or maybe Max the bionic dog.

  7. It is true that when you feel better you care about your surroundings more. I am glad you ticked off so much today!

    Great finds oot in the country!

  8. Hey Anne-depression sucks. Glad you are in a better place. You look great. Love the photos!

  9. Oh sweetie, I hope you are feeling better. I didn't realize you lived so close to the country.
    I know a depression is much worse than a bad day but I know when I am having a bad day I force myself up, shower and always try to walk and get some sunshine....this always works for me. Wish we blog friends lived closer so we could help each other out, just know I care.....:-) Hugs

  10. Yay to getting things done!

    Thanks for the healing vibes for my baby boy!

  11. I'm a little peepot white and stout, where is my handle? look at that spout! :)

  12. Hey Anne, I'm loving the blonde hair more and more. Glad you're feeling good and cutting back on the caffeine.

    It looks like gorgeous weather in your neck of the woods. Enjoy.

    xo jj

  13. :)

    love the way you see the world, I look forward to reading your blog :)

  14. I meant the pictures you take.... er you know what I meant, I hope.... spaz here, yep that would be me

  15. =) Jo=Taco Bell and trains ... lmao

    I gave up caffeine. I drink decaf coffee which has some, but gave up pop, and everything else. One night I had a pop and my heart rate elevated. I put on my heart rate monitor and it stayed elevated over an hour. I think it accounted for a lot of the anxiety I had...although I still have some. Amazingly, I order water now when we eat out and it's just as good.

    Sorry about the depression. It hits me now and again.It sucks. BUT...glad your spirits are lifted and you're getting things done.


  16. Getting LOTS done....
    Just "Call Me" Blondie!

  17. Sinclair gas, remember the dinosaur's in front of the gas stations from my youth. Hard to find in Chicagoland now.


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