21 July 2010

on line dates

About Me:

sophisticated (make that "complicated")
 cute (can be very cute - just ask me!)
reliable (predictable)

my colleagues describe me as having a pretty face (pretty hungry)
 petite, curvaceous (convex, and concave)
great legs (my legs go on, and on, and on, and on....)

hourglass figure  (more "round" - like a clock)              
likes to cuddle (with a big bowl of ice cream) 
generous (with the chocolate syrup)  
interested in a committed relationship (should be committed)
sensitive (very - sheesh!)
down to earth (as in gravity)

great cook, loves good food (obviously)
 monogamous (a sweater with my initials on it)      
looking for best friend  (looking for myself, actually)


THIS is an actual cut and paste from 
"How To Write An OnLine Personal Ad!"
I added the second parts.
The "real" deal.
The part they don't want you to know.....not just yet!

Somehow, it reads like an ad for a lost puppy!

They actually suggested you open with something like this:
"Did the sun just come out, or did you smile at me?"

Must be true!

A Late-Night Foodie Call?
A Secret Rendezvous?
But he's wearing a tie - and he's smiling!
Baby blue eyes. He must be "ok!"
At least he's got a good job. 

I'm cutting way back on the Monster Drinks.
Switched out my morning protein drink with
Diet Ginger Ale w/ protein x 2.
Eggs, cheese, beef-brat breakfast
Which I had for brunch.
Took a couple of days off from work -
Kinda, sorta, but not really.
Still doing work-related errands.

The hot days and cleaning continue.
Reckon both are here to stay.
I mentioned I turned a corner a few weeks ago.
I am still doing "ok" with no major meltdowns!

Thinking of you!
Hope your day - your week is going great!
Getting alot done? 


  1. I've never done online dating -
    Only online Blogging!
    Don't think the world is quite ready for me!

  2. LOL
    We are looking for a dog and that ad was perfect :p

    I did online dating... badly... I did meet my DH online, but it was in a chat room... no advertising required!

  3. I always feel old when my single friends regale me with their exploits in the world on online dating.
    they love it.
    I love living it VICARIOUSLY.


  4. Bick and I met via online dating and no matter how it ends up, I consider it a smashing success! But there were some interesting!!! ha dates with others along the way, to be sure.

    I'm so glad you aren't having meltdowns in this melting heat! That makes me happy...

  5. Hey! That's my (very) old personal ad!

    The next time you see Jack, tell him it's not polite to point!

    Have a great one, Anne!

  6. Never tried online dating. I'd be scared to death!

  7. I could not drink the energy drinks. What caused you to decide to cut back on them? Regarding online dating, that is how I met my hubby. Been with him five years this coming Sept. There was plenty of emails and phone calls at first and then we met in person at a restaurant and talked five hours. Then we met for a movie and lunch the following week. There have been sad times when hubby was in hospital with manic episode so his bipolar disorder is part of our lives. But even with that it is the best relationship I have ever had. I hope that when you are really ready you find whoever your heart is searching for.

  8. I love my daily date with you!

    Have a good one :)

  9. LOL, thanks for the laugh ... especially about Jack and his great job!

  10. Excellent on no major meltdowns.

    Jack kind of scares me. So does that king and the clown. Maybe I'm too jittery.

    Oh, I so don't miss dating.

  11. Balanced diet! LOL!

    Glad you are still cruising along smoothly.

  12. I caught up on a couple of posts, so glad you are feeling well. good idea for saving on the monster drinks. the ad was too funny..years ago in the paper back home there was an ad, man seeking woman with tractor, please send photo of tractor. I remember my dad roflao. just had to share that. I wish you anxiety free days. a big Canadian hug!

  13. dude!! i want a dog with a blue tail like hat one!

  14. Glad to hear your mood is improving. As for online dating, I'm too damned old to even understand it. Back in the 60' when I began dating, a friend of a friend, of a cousin's friend was the "line". Oh you KIDS today!!! :) And, of course, I walked 5 miles uphill both ways in raging blizzards to school, too.

  15. My friend got her man and her dress online. This is a true story.....I'm too old to date, like my own company too much.......:-) Hugs


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