27 July 2010

happy insulin day

Today in history, 89 years ago,
insulin was isolated by Fredrick Banting.
In Toronto. (A link to a story here.)

So of course, I had some SF FroYo.
Coffee w/ toffee/ caramel.

A beautiful view

Wha..what the...?

I dunno.

I give up.

Unplugged acoustic, plugged in.
Plug and play.

"Closeness has nothing to do with distance."
That's a HUGE sign in Downtown Dallas.

A double rainbow - what does it mean?
It's so intense!

Ya gotta love this guy.
He's so into it.
YouTube Video and linkity-link.

Long days working
Which I love...
Listening to "A Chorus Line"
Which I love...
Still no Monster energy drink.
Had coffee and other stuff, though.
And a hamburger no bun,
and sf froyo.
And I'm still happy...
Which I love...
Hope your week is clicking along nicely.
Getting things done?
Heard any good songs lately?


  1. I am ASHAMED that I didn't know insulin was discovered by a Canadian - never mind an Ontarioian. Shameful. Thank you for once again educating me!

  2. A Stop for Turtles sigh???!?!?!?! What a hoot.

    And the guy on the video was oddly happy ;-)

    Wish we had some of your hot weather. It was so cold in La that I actually made a "winter" meal-- Chicken with stuffing and gravy so I could turn the oven on to warm up the kitchen. Sheesh.

    Hope your having a happy day Anne.
    xo jj

  3. how do you make your youtube videos so tiny? Must be a fancy html trick?

    Everytime I see monster I think of you... I think I always will. :) If you think that is odd, whenever I drink mocha coffee I think of the healthy fellow we are friends with.

  4. Those are some crazy traffic signs. I wouldn't know what they mean. I guess the big sign is a reminder that you can be close and not be right by someone. For me, I want to be close in person too.

  5. Funny, SheZug, I think of JP when I drink mocha coffee, too!
    And yes, the trick to the sizing of the video is in the HTML.
    Just change the height and width to whatever you want.
    Boom! So let it be written, so let it be done!

    I know, right?!
    I want to be right there in person, too.
    I saw all kinds of signs like that today, whilst driving!

  6. How cute is that turtle sign!
    Hey your fryo matches your hair :)

  7. Aren't caskets already the ultimate in Self-Storage? Damn...I crack myself up.

  8. LOL @Kyle - I thought the same thing!

    Those froyo flavors sound yummy!

    Glad to see that you are enjoying life, Anne.

    Rainbow guy is pretty dramatic.....

  9. OMG! Are you kidding me? He was actually crying over a STUPID DOUBLE RAINBOW!!! What a weirdo!

  10. Luv the turtle sign. Personally, I kinda like double rainbows as they are extra good luck-well they are "purty" anyway. But the absolute best was the "Caskets and More-discounts to everyone" What is more? Any why wouldn't the discounts be for everyone? Why do they have to spell it out? Is it like the soup nazi? No casket for you!

  11. I'M JEALOUS OF YOUR SF FROYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. Girl when/if you come to LA ... er Los Angeles... we so have to connect!!

    a piano that plugs in.... ha ha ha ha ha

  13. That guy is pretty excited, but then again, ANNE'S photo of a double rainbow wasn't on video - so we really don't know how excited SHE was ...

    (Hi Anne !!)

    Thanks for the giggles. (And in Texas, shouldn't the turtle sign really be an armadillo?)

  14. A turtle crossing sign! How cute.

    I was getting worried about that Rainbow man... methinks he needs to inhale less...!


  15. Do all Texans Photo-drive ? How safe is that. I need me some SF FROYO ASAP PLEASE !!!!

  16. i always love your sign pics. I don't know why the turtle on the stop sign is so small ... maybe it's a not meant to be noticed *splat* I told you so sort of sign.

  17. Video Guy!!!!!!

    How do you find these postings.....never mind I'm just so happy you do cuz if I found it on my own it wouldn't have the same impact as when you add it to your grouping of photos.

    Kyle " the ultimate self storage" you crack me up too!

    Wow what a ride today from the make sure you go down the curb backwards in your wheelchair, to avoid crushing the turtles, to quick look up in the sky we've got a miracle taking place, to what does it all mean, taxes and death,closeness and distance, plug and play.

    "What does any of it Mean?" Pass the sf froyo and the insulin.

  18. I need to get me some fro yo soon. I think we have some here that has protein in it too. Apparently the Hamilton Tiger Cats eat it and if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for me.

    Insulin and Toronto. Who knew? Thanks for sharing.

    Double rainbow means double your luck! No wonder you are so happy.

    Week is going swimmingly...note to self, get in the pool. Actually, going to a pool party on Saturday. I can wait.

    You sure do have some funny signs in Texas.

  19. Drop off your wheelchairs here? That is a strange one. Scratching my head. How many accidents are there with folks trying to figure out what those signs mean?

    Mmmm. Coffee & toffee. My favorite flavors. Ooo! Flash back to Ben & Jerry's Heathbar crunch.

  20. Oh goodness, how I have missed catching up! I think my hiatus is over. You alway make me smile. And you are right, double rainbow guy is hillarious!

  21. Hey Carrie!
    Glad to see you!
    I thought about you and hope you are well.
    The rainbow guy - I know, right!


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