25 July 2010

hot summer in the city

Cute timers for a cute time

My new fave foodie place - Sur La Table 
Nice people with everything for the kitchen.

A local High School Percussion fund raiser!
I said "Can I take your picture for my fatty blog?"
They said "Only if we can all be in it!"
That, and $5 donation. 
But alas, my cash was g-o-n-e.
I realized I didn't get the cash back from CVS.

So I call them. The manager remembered me, and said
"Come get it - sorry about that!"
How often does that happen?
Must be my lucky day-oh!

Ya gotta ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky?
Well, do ya, punk?

Cool "biking" shorts at Target.

As a LoCarber, I try to sample all kinds of LoCarb treats. Just in case.
This is Gooey's and they are very good.

Joe Cocker
Summer In The City
*cool remake*
"Cool cat, looking for a kitty"
BBQ Sushi
Only in Texas, eh?

Mega Storage - a North Dallas common

Monster b gone
Protein w/ diet ginger ale
FroYo: sf coffee w/sf caramel
Hamburger w/bacon and cheese
Can I haz cheezeburger?
Cottage Cheese
Water, water, water today!
Found a bike in the grass at my apartment
Called the bike cops to see if it belongs to anyone
Or if it was involved in a bike crime or anything.
What to do with an orphaned bike?


  1. ship it to ny :) i needs a bike!

  2. kiddin'...but, hey, maybe put up signs?

  3. Yay to getting your cash back! It must be your lucky day. Did you buy a lottery ticket?

    Found bike...very mysterious. Second vote for post a sign.

  4. Red Poppy Platter! Did you Buy it or did you resist it like a carbohydrate?

  5. Take the bike to a youth club, those kids always can use a bike.....glad you got your money back. I love sushi and I love BBQ but I don't like BBQ Sushi.........:-) Hugs

  6. Give the bike to a women and childrens shelter.

  7. Actually the police will likely pick it up! We have a place in town where they restore bikes and sell them for very cheap to people who can't afford new ones!
    Love the timers :)

  8. Boxers make great PJ's!! No mo Monsters? Sleeping better?

  9. Sur La Table is on my list of places to avoid if I want to keep any money in my wallet. LOVE that place!

    Cool that cvs gave you your money....

  10. Lucky day indeed :)

    Cute photos.


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