21 July 2010

like, zoinks!

Ruh Roh, Raggy!
I see a definite resemblance!
Hey gang, this can't be good...

Except for the skirt, I could favour this hottie!
Always the Nerd...
We've got some work to do now....

Like, I have a Mystery to solve!
So I got rid of those xl men's clothes.

And got some clothes that actually touch my body.
Like, I need a fashion make-over or something!

Another coincidence?
I. Think. Not.

Also the hair. I have so much hair.
I am not complaining - I just have a Shaggy "Doo!"
So I got a hair cut. Plus it's alot cooler.
For driving around in the Mystery Machine.

Like - right on! 
I am getting used to the blonde-for-summer look.

And don't forget the Scooby-Snacks!
A lovely cool salad w/cottage cheese and tuna...

And all the trimmings!
"Wicked" on the iPod
And no Monsters today -
Scooby style, or Energy drinks!

Well, Gang, I guess that about wraps up this mystery
for now, at least!

Thanks for playing along -
Hope your day is full of fun!

In case you didn't know.....
YouTube video from Scooby Doo!


  1. I swear we must be related!! My favorite outfits are jeans and baggy t-shirts or shorts and baggy t-shirts. A couple of weeks ago i started to buy myself more "girly" clothes :) Progress!
    Love your hair by the way!!

  2. LOL @ all the Scooby Do references. How did you find pics to match the characters? You are such a card.

    Love the new hair, love the new clothes.

    Great looking salad...but you are way cuter!

  3. So glad you've ditched the oversized clothing!!!! I may just have to come to Texas and go shopping with you! I'm better than "What Not to Wear". ;)

  4. I am so loving this post! lol. You look 30 pounds lighter with the change in clothing and the blonde looks great!!

  5. Hey, you misspelled "Ruh-Roh!" (Sorry, my nephew was a Scooby Doo fan, and I actually looked this up one time.)

    You definitely deserve some new cute clothes to show off your new body and complement your hairdo & color (which I love)!

  6. Oh, Grace -
    Thanks for letting me know!
    I fixeded it!

  7. You look absolutely wonderful and I really like your hair......hey you even look great in my favorite color....pink!......:-) Hugs

  8. Love the blonde hair and I too am getting used to my clothes touching my body. Great pictures.smile.

  9. Love the pink tee shirt! And your new 'do. You have a beautiful smile!

  10. Love the new hair and fitting clothes!!

  11. I think you are stylin', girl! Pink shirt that fits the person you are now which looks really cool. And blonde hair with the short summer cut. You rock.

  12. lol When I was a 'little' girl I used to say one of my older (by 6 years) sisters reminded me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo. I've absolutely NO idea why I thought this and it was only when I was a bit older that I realise what an insult it must have been...


  13. You look awesome Anne, you are so different than before, glad you are getting some new clothes, I do love your hair, mine is about as short as yours, but I like your look better. have a wonderful day, have fun.

  14. Where is your ass ?? Nice !!!

  15. so nice to see you looking happy and well...and i am glad you are not having so many Monster drinks... your blog as entertaining as always - big hugs xoxoxo

  16. I love your Shaggy Doo! This post really cracked me up...especially...Another coincidence? I. Think. Not. You have a plus size personality and sense of humour :-)


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