29 July 2010

words escape me

A beautiful bouquet ...for someone ... not me.

Think outside the hotdog bun,
Since it is a hamburger

Not putting the cart before the horse.
Not putting the heart before the course.

My trusty camera still likes me, at least

When words escape me....

*Not* a re-enactment
Not angry or even grumpy; just plain ol' sick.
As a dog.

Interesting times - 
Better now, thank you very much!

No Monster Drinks yet
And none on the horizon....
No vodka and red bulls
And none planned for...
Then at the office,
I ate a couple of bites of broccoli from a party tray
Then I found it was covered with mold...
It had been out on the table for days....
Shit - no one threw it out or told me it was old...
Kinda sick feeling today... 
More Mozart. More driving.
Protein with Diet Ginger Ale
Hamburger and a couple of bites of cheese
Two hard boiled eggs
Snack pack of mixed nuts
Couple of coffees and lots of water.


  1. Well, if I ate moldy broccoli, I'd be at a loss for words too...and likely at a loss of my lunch!

  2. Yuck!! Don't you hate when folks do that (not throw out bad food)! It happens often at my job. Stinks....literally :)

    Happy Day Before Friday-WooHoo!

  3. 7-11 meat formed into a stick. I love Texans..Can I send you some real meat...

  4. Allan:
    QuikTrip, actually.
    The eggs were from 7-11
    And the mold - was from someone's basement, maybe?
    Free penicillin, right?
    So we're back to "It's all good!"

  5. That's why I was so upset....
    Think of all the carbs I took in just today!
    Although it might have some protein....
    I was pretty sick from it.
    Like eating an apple and seeing half a worm.

  6. Broccoli makes one lose ones voice, hmm.

    Is that a hamburger shaped like a hot dog?? Why would someone do that?

  7. No, only moldy broccoli has that effect.
    And the hamburger?
    Reminds me the title to a ZZ Top song....

  8. ((hugs)) you look grumpy today, must be the moldy broccoli. The blue camera looks like an alien... creepy crawly camera, crawled over and ate the moldy broccoli and seeing this craziness, you were shocked and started laughing... VIOLA no more grumpy face

  9. That would make me feel sick!

  10. Yuk, moldy broccoli.....hamburger shaped like a hot dog....okay you have to go grocery shopping for a good make you feel good meal.....Hugs:-)

  11. Yuck, moldy broccoli. I am so sorry, Anne. I say next time you buy yourself some flowers :-)

  12. I don't really like broccoli anyway...so I wouldn't have accidentally eaten moldy broccoli.

    Sorry that happened to you...I'be be grumpy too!

  13. Moldy broccoli!! Oh, how disgusting! I would be irritated, too, if they had left it out and not bothered to tell me!

    I hope you are feeling better by now.
    PS: that pic of the bouquets was lovely!!

  14. Oh yuck, why would no one have said something. sheesh. and yeah the hamburger shaped like a hot dog....some things are just wrong. be well and have a great weekend. you should buy yourself some flowers. take care.

  15. The flowers are pretty. The camera tripod is so darn cute, matches your camera, and you.

  16. I saw those hamdogs at QT. Are they any good? People are so weird...why wouls they not throw out the food. Oh well, glad you're feeling better.

  17. It's kinda like the toilet seat dilema
    When you have men in the house.
    I should have been more careful, too.

    This is an apt metaphor for all kinds of behaviour.
    He said/she said stuff....

  18. Yuck- that would be enough to make me sick too!

  19. Bah to rotten broccoli. Hope you are feeling much better. Love those big giraffes. They are so cute!

  20. omg I would have done some bodily harm to my co-workers if that happened :(
    Hope you feel better!

  21. What a creative person you are!
    Delighted to meet you
    here in the blogosphere.
    Actually, the flowers are for you
    and now for us as well.


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