30 July 2010

go carb tripper

Go Carb Tripper, Go!
Here she comes, here comes Carb Tripper
She's a fatty on wheels
She's a fatty, and she's gonna be Tripping after something....

Eating with my "3rd coast choppers."

Feeling much better today....
Talked about my "plight" to some friends
"in real life" (as if blogging isn't real)
They assured me I am on the right track
and all that.....

I like that I didn't lose my integrity 
or self-respect this time around.
Or respond by acting a fool.

The shiny trinkets of doubt still catch my eye,
but I am learning to see them for what they are...
Little distractions, that are like that can of whipping cream in the fridge.
Calls your name late at night.
When you are hungry or vulnerable.
And tempts you....
And let you down time after time
After time.  

It never is what you think it will be.
Temptation comes in many forms.
It never is about the food alone.

Even if it's moldy.
Especially if it's moldy!

This just in:
The helmet and stuff is a photo*op with a neighbor's Moped.
But at least I could ride one this year!

As opposed to last year!

Hope you are getting ready for a happy weekend!
It's aboot time, eh?


  1. I personally am always ready for a happy weekend. You look good in the goggles and helmet. You look like a skinny biker chick.

  2. You're too much, Anne... but you're getting less and less every day.

  3. Love the helmet. Where's the wheels? Pictures? No moped or Hog? :)
    Have a wonderful weekend. You deserve it.

  4. And if you feel a craving coming on, let Chim Chim eat it instead!

  5. Sure Sprittle & Chim Chim arent stowed away on the moped?

  6. I had no idea Speed Racer was you brother! Coool ...

    Did he ever marry Tricksy?

    It sounds like you had another fabulous day, Anne. Thanks for the giggles!! xx

  7. Happy weekend to you as well Anne. We are having a massive thunder/lightening storm and it is pouring down outthere, power is out all around me but hasn't hit here......yet!
    You look great, can you recommend a book for me to read which will show me how you managed the weight loss....I'm serious I want to do this.
    Thanks sweetie.......:-) Hugs

  8. Hey - wonderful, Miss Bernie!
    LoCarb worked for me....and many, many others.
    It just makes sense.
    No sweets on a diet.
    No bread on a diet.
    No heavy sticky starches on a diet.
    Atkins.com is a great resource!

    Good luck, Bernie - you can email me any time I can help.
    ps the first few days are the hardest!

  9. How funny, I was just watching Speed Racer last night on tv.

    "It never is what you think it will be.
    Temptation comes in many forms.
    It never is about the food alone."

    Wow, that is sooo true. If we could just remember that "in the moment" it would make it so much easier.


  10. My husband almost bought me a moped last summer! It didn't happen. He's too much of a scared-y cat w/me :) Good thing too - we moved into a small apartment and I don't know what we would have done w/the thing.

  11. You totally make that helmet look hot :)

  12. SpukySuzi -
    It was hot...

  13. hi anne....these pics made me smile. i was also wondering, like miss bernie about your journey (hey that rhymes!!)...you're looking like anything BUT a fatty!! hope u have a marvelous weekend!

  14. One day I'll be able to ride on the back of a motobike without worrying that I'll make it tip backwards! Amazing the things you take for granted when you're slim! :o)

    Hope you're feeling a little better and you have a terrific weekend!

  15. You are such a nut! love the photos.smile.

  16. Your cryptic posts always intrigue me.

    Glad you are over the broccoli incident.

    Nice lid! Are you sure you don't wear lipstick?

  17. Looking good, Anne! :)

    Hope your weekend is treating you kindly. You deserve it!

  18. Kimberly -
    I am not trying to be cryptic....
    You are the third one who says that I am
    So I think maybe I should to be more....
    specific? Less..... general?
    I'm simply having a mid-life crisis,
    and struggling to find the words.
    Sometimes it's all I can to do get by.

  19. Can't tell ya
    how much I enjoy
    your posts
    your pictures
    your spirit
    your poems!

  20. Why, thank you, Peaceful Bird!

  21. A midlife crisis. All has now been revealed. I am glad I came back to read this.


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