10 February 2010

hot dog days

My new boi friend.
Just in time for Valentines.
Biggest dog I have ever seen!
(At least I think it was a dog)
Morning Elegance
Rock Star -  NOT Monster!
HOT Dog from QuikTrip...
Lost this one for all of 2 seconds.
Came back in right against the sun.
Eating the bun from the hot dog.
Jonathan Livingston Trash Gull

Rock Star - NOT Monster
Kelly, Fellow Happy Texan - It was pretty good!
Salad with Avocado - It was real good.
Protein w/coffee and raspberry + chocolate sf syrup
QuickTrip sausage w/cheese and jalapeno
One for then, one for later
Not nearly enough water - as usual
This just in:
Snow today in Dallas!
Where's that big dog when I need him?
And I drank some water, SS!


  1. That doggie followed me home - can I keep him?
    The birdie got what he wanted - so did I... a lucky shot!

  2. That dog is seriously too cute :) Love your pic's as always!! Go fill your glass with water.

  3. OMG, you did it. You tried a Rock Star. I'm so happy. You ROCK! :) I guess this means I should try a Monster.

    Love the great pyrenees. They're such beautiful dogs and very loyal.

  4. Kelly - the Rock Star reminded me of my youthful
    care-free days from high school...
    Smelled like "Locker Room" just a little ...
    Do you remember that, or was just a Dallas area thing?

  5. Ok now that dog was as big as a horse, beautiful,loved your video, as for the water, more, more, more, as you would tell me....I have been bad, bad, bad.

  6. Birds in flight are so beautiful to watch. Glad it was J L Seagull who ate the bun and not you! Nice doggie!

  7. Cinner - I wish I had him here tonight!
    Yeah that bird was hungry! Swooped right down.
    It looks like I was right there, but her was a long ways away!

  8. That dog is so cute! Dogs are lovely.
    That sculpture is mesmorizing.

  9. Le gros chien est très beau!!

    Is that a lucky white elephant I see (observes Anonymous who has many elephants of various sizes, colors, and materials)?

  10. Anonymous -
    Yes, a white elephant with it's trunk pointing up, so as to catch lucky things.
    A bell-ringing dope-fiend from the Rehab Salvation Army gave it to me.
    I keep it in my truck to remind me to not be lazy or too dependent on luck.
    Just a vintage salt shaker, actually.
    I am not a collector of things. It's the story behind it that counts.

  11. MissyKanna
    Parts of Dallas have art and sculptures everywhere -
    sub-divisions, restaurants, strip malls, even Target...
    Some of them are pretty good, indeed.

  12. I like Rock Star better then Monster. I really shouldn't be drinking that stuff, but I need a quick pick me up.

    As always, Love the pics. Who's dog was that anyway??

    Sunny and lovely here in the desert. I hate to brag cause soon I will bitching about it being 120 degrees.

  13. The Dog is a resident at a nursing facility.
    He lives there.
    Makes the rounds checking on the old people.
    Very gentle. Everyone loves him.

  14. LOVE the dog. He looks so safe! I'm sure he/she makes a great impact on the residents at the nursing home. How great that they have him.


  15. ♡♡♡He is wonderful! ♡♡♡
    Or maybe I was just in the mood to be licked and followed around.
    He stands outside in the hall and barks.
    He missed me, I guess.
    And I, him!

  16. For the longest time I wanted a Great Pyrenees and then a good friend of mine got one - Oh the HAIR and massive size! She was very cute though...had a little polar bear face.


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