21 March 2010

venice beach

Monster drink w/protein
Coffee, water
Garden salad
In & Out protein wrap
Thanks Joanna Jenkins for telling me about that!

It was foggy and smoggy at Venice Beach.
If you've never been, you could not imagine the humanity there.
Anything and everything in the world can be found at Venice Beach, California!
The fog added a wonderful, erie quality to an "unreal" place!

Wish you were here!


  1. I have been waiting for this post...so excited to see these great pics. That peeled fruit looks so tasty.

    My fave pic...darn it. I can't choose, they are all so great.

    Still wishing I was there.

  2. Or still wishing I were there. We need a grammarian.

  3. Triple post. I have it on good authority that it should be "wishing I were there."

  4. It does look quite diverse, the pictures of the fruit is pushing me toward the kitchen, and yes I wish were there as well...Hugs

  5. Very nice pictures-- such a contract from your other vacation pics. Guess the fog hadn't burned off yet-- or at all that day. It looks like you got a good sense of Venice Beach too. It makes for great people watching!

    Keep having fun!

  6. People are quite candid about their message down there aren't they?! Very cool pics. I have never been to Venice Beach.

    I'm so jealous of your trip! :o) It makes me happy that you get to experience all of this!


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