09 March 2010

made from real girl scouts

Thin Mints, anyone?
Want Samoas?
Things like cookies don't bother me.
My problems are stupider.
At least cookies have an understandable attraction.

Found lots of "foreign" currency while packing.
I never really unpacked from my last trips.
♡Little heart shaped kitty treats♡

Boxes of sized 24, etc clothes for Goodwill.
All the 2x, 1x are outta here!
Even my socks are too big now.

A mountain of 2x scrubs to the cleaners.
Pantry w/protein mixes. 
Found a place for large bottles like Tide and bleach.
 I buy BioFreeze and peppermint soap by the gallon.

Honestly, being a Zombie is harder than it looks.
Some days I got the look, other days...
*sighs* does matter....

Trees here in North Texas have blossoms and buds already.
I guess that's a sign of something!

Monster w/protein
coffee, water, creatine,
chicken salad
mild sleep deprivation
just a phase, I'm sure.


  1. Um..you see those pink 50s...feel free to send that foreign funny money my way - I'll buy Girl GUIDE cookies!

  2. I'm with you, Anne. There's a huge package of cookies on the break room table right now and they hold no temptation whatsoever to me. I give credit to my Nazi dentist who accidentally yanked by sweet tooth when I was a kid.

    Get some ZZZ's, girlfriend.

  3. I like to redirect my anxiety and let it work for me-
    not against me...so I clean.
    Then comes the point of diminished returns,
    and my sleep debt must be paid...
    When you are hungry or sleepy, it makes it worse to feel anxious or depressed...and day-to-day problems seem overwhelming.
    Power nap, anyone?

  4. I love both those but thankfully I have been able to avoid them like the plague. Little steps big dividends!

    P.S. Thanks for all your support and comments Anne. It means A LOT to have you on my side!

  5. Sweets aren't my problem either. I can only eat so much of that stuff.

    Sighs does matter - :D Like the smiley picture. Very artistic yet you look so content. Very nice.

  6. Good for you finding a home for your larger size clothes...that Canadian Money will get you even more when you convert it back to US and oh I wish I could say cookies don't bother me, love them.......:-) Hugs

  7. I am always tempted but anything with sugar!! Oh and is that Canadian money i spy?? :)
    You can smile or not and i still think you're the greatest.

  8. DAMN girl scout cookies. Ours are expected to be delivered in the next week. DAMN GIRL SCOUT cookies.

  9. Bernie -
    I could just convert Canadian dollars all day long, and turn a profit?
    What a great job that would be! Second only to being a Mountie.
    Or a Girl Scout cookie factory person.
    Right now, I would love a job as mattress tester (hehe)

    SpunkySuzi - I think YOU are the greatest!

    AntGirl - I AM content - in a strange, malcontent way.
    Glad to think that if I can force myself to take this trip,
    I will get a little bit of my life back. Maybe closure, long overdue.
    At the VERY least, I will have finally unpacked my stuff!
    And all this nervous energy makes for a tidy little home.
    I am usually not the anxious type. Fear sucks!

  10. Great job with the closet cleanings! And congrats on all those big sizes leaving your life.

    Those are exactly the two types of GS cookies The Husband brought into our house over the weekend. Bad Husband! Both boxes are already almost gone. But luckily, The Husband did a lot of the damage.

  11. And I quote : "nom, nom, nom..."
    I really was a sweet-tooth kind of eater!
    But now, no cravings,
    thanks to my handy-dandy ketone inducing
    "not Atkins per se" diet - er, uh, way of eating.

  12. I gotta say, I don't get you people who don't have the sweet tooth. I would break your fingers if it meant you'd drop those cookies. I'll try not to though :P

  13. I am really impressed Anne. You are a serious cleaner, not one of those move the stuff around with the dust kind of cleaners! Your place practically sparkles :-)

    Congrats on packing up all the cloths that no longer fit! YEAH YOU.

    As for those Girl Scout cookies.... They'd be the death of me. I love the peanut butter ones. Oy.

    Hope you get some rest.

  14. OMG, the Samoas are calling my name! I can't bear to look at them >>>>backing away slowly!

    Go job on making the clothes too big to wear...and good job packing them up to get them outta there!

    I saw a few Tulips popping up out of the ground around here in NC. It was 73* here today! Looks like rain tomorrow so a bit cooler. I'm so ready for nicer weather!

  15. Yes ma'am....I clean it out for real!
    Once or twice a year, I do a complete over-haul....
    It's one way to keep it from getting out of hand in the long run.
    Long over-due at this point!
    I once had a job as a pilot.
    I'd pick this up, and "pile it" over there...
    I'd pick that up, and "pile it" over here...

  16. Hey Anne...seriously long time.. i love your blog.. i'm slowly catching up. you know our money is almost around par, eh? :) yes, i'm a stereotypical Canuck.

    What is creatine? are you eating enough???

  17. ps...will you come to Ontario and clean out all my cupboards and closets...

    pretty please????

  18. I used to eat boxes full of Thin Mints. My favorite thing was to bite on a small piece on two opposite sides and then use them like a straw with milk. YUM! Had to give up that shit, though. But those were indeed the good old days.

  19. The cookies have invaded our office ... I like to look at the stacks of boxes as I walk by and congratulate myself on how good I am. :)

  20. I've been Girl Scout cookie free for three years now. :)

  21. Cookies could sit here forever (but they would be hubby's temptation). I have trouble with chips and salty stuff. That's what I like. Chip and dip! So for a month I haven't had any in the house. And I have exercised to the exercise tape every day for a month. The reason is that the doctor put me on Lipitor a few months ago and my side effects were horrible. Then the med was changed and same side effects. I told doc I won't take meds for the cholesterol and she is concerned I can't get the cholesterol under control with food changes. Anyway, I am trying. I have to tell you congrats for moving out the clothes that are now too large. That must be very satisfying. Hugs to you.

  22. Heart-shaped kitty treats?! My four would love those!

    I need to get my wardrobe cleared out and start reintroducing some of my smaller clothes! :o)

  23. Patsy - funny thing is I don't even have a cat!

  24. What, you don't have a cat?? What's up with that?

    Get some sleep and we'll see you on Friday.

  25. Hiya F McB!
    No, I myself don't have a cat.
    No cat per se...
    There are two adorable little strays that live in the laundry room of the apartment complex. But, being ferral, they won't let you pet them or play or anything...I can bribe them with a treat now and then....

  26. thanks for the comment
    lovely tree pic
    i have to give my old clothes to goodwill at some point to
    thanks for reminding me
    have a great day

  27. I call Girl Scout cookies the work of the devil!

  28. The Samoas are my weakness, there is NO WAY I can pass a girl scout stand without getting at least two boxes.

  29. It's Girl Guide cookie sale time over here too, (made from real girl guides!) You always crack me up, Anne h.

    Have a wonderful trip and tell us all about it. I hope everything works out the way it should for you.

  30. Thanks, ya'll --
    Those pink slips of paper?
    I've been using them for book marks in my Course In Miracles book!
    Lots of Low Carb munchies packed.
    Lots of iTunes downloaded.
    Lots of minutia for a trip such as this!

  31. Man, I haven't had a Girl Scout cookie in a long time! *drool* I can't keep a box of those within a mile of here. Same with the money. The cookies and money would be gone lickity-split.


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