22 March 2010

the pelican

This year - March 2010
Last year - March 2009 
I found the pelican - we talked it over....
I look at this photo and just cringe! 205 +
I told *someone* I would post it on the one year mark.
So here it is!

Joe's Crab Shack - wonderful, as usual

A sand castle on the beach

March 2010 
It's a process - not an event.
An ongoing process....

Oceanside, Calfironia pier at night.
People make little bon fires on the beach.
You can see the lights on the pier for miles.

King Crab, salad
Water, coffee, 
Monster low-carb energy drink
Pistachio snack pack

Wish you were here!


  1. LOVE that cute pelican. :)

    And the Monster shirt! How cool is that?! Need to get me a Rock Star shirt. LOL

    You're doing great. Don't cringe at the old photos. They're great reminders of how far you've come.

    I wish I was there too! Looks so pretty and peaceful. Enjoy!

  2. The smile on your face! Awesome!

  3. Kelly - I want a t-shirt with a picture of YOU on it!
    Thanks for the kind words about the old photo...
    It's not at cringe "per se"
    It's only a mild twinge of annoyance!

  4. Gorgeous again - you and the photos!

    What is the one below the crab? Is it in the sand?

  5. Love the "T" and the pelican and your before and after picture?? Amazing!!

  6. Did the pelican comment on your transformation since last year? I bet it was thinking about it... :o)

  7. I bet the pelican really liked the "new" you!! I bet he had fait all along you'd be successful!

  8. Kelly's right, no need to cringe - instead look at the old photo and be proud and happy! What a transformation. I am loving this holiday of yours!

  9. Look at you.....you have done something wonderful for yourself and you look great.
    Oh and I would love that King Crab salad.
    .........:-) Hugs

  10. Mmmmm, crabs. I'd have to buy one for my cat or I'd be in big trouble. The other cat, not so much.

    What an amazing transformation you've made in a year. You go, Anne! Looks like you're enjoying your trip, too, which makes me happy.

  11. I love the crab shack. Wish there was one here.

  12. I'm glad you were able to get in contact with the pelican! :o)

    You have made such amazing progress!

    Thank you again for sharing.

  13. Way to go! You look happier every day!!!!!
    The sand castle pic is awesome-- all your pics are.

    HAVE FUN and safe travels.

  14. OMG... I Am Soooo Happy & Soooo Jealous At The Same Time!! You Look Wonderful. And What Stamina & Strength For Enduring. I, Too, Had Lost My 40#, Kept It Off For 5 Years. Had My T2 Blood Sugar Under Control... THEN... I Quit Smoking!! 4/09.... I Have Gained 35#... BG..On The Rise Again... And Depression & Desperation Setting In.
    You DO Give Me Encouragement & Inspiration. I Know... I Know... I Can Do This ONE MORE TIME!!! Right?
    Trip & Pictures Amazing!!


  15. So good to have seen you today, Anne!

    I'll post the photos soon and blog about the memorable day that was.

    Thank you for sharing your time here with us. It was a true gift that Mad and I both cherished.

    Drive safe and have lots of fun on the road!

  16. You know how to have fun, my Friend!

    glad you are enjoying yourself. The before and after shots are crazy! You look so skinny.

  17. You even have a Monster t-shirt! Ha! And YIKES I'm afraid of that long beak!


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