19 March 2010

long beach aquarium

A beautiful day at the Long Beach Aquarium

Monster LoCarb w/protein
(Matrix orange flav, in this case)
Water, coffee, water, coffee,
Not necessarily in that order!
Cashews, 2nd Monster
Lots of walking
Lots of driving 
LA traffic - 5 mph! Hmmph!


  1. And calf cramps at 2 am....yikes!
    More water, coming right up...

  2. awww all the starfish are hugging...so sweet! Have a great day!!!

  3. Aren't sea creatures weird looking (esp. in comparison to land ones)?

    A jellyfish once stung me when I was little so now I'm a tad afraid.

    Is that parrot biting you?! Ha! You look like you're having a great time! I'm glad.

  4. Anne you've gone to the birds :) Just kidding!

  5. Man! You are really living it up. Good for you. Looks like you are having a ball.

    Can't wait to see what you'll do next.

  6. Hehe - Yes! I have gone to the birds!
    The trim on my bag is red, and the bird was loving it!
    It was such a great time....wish ya'll could be here with me!
    Innit cute - the starfish are hugging!
    Next, after a week of classes - a trip to the beach, of course!

  7. the Aquarium of the Pacific is cool, but if you're really into marine education check out the Cabrillo in nearby San Pedro (the busses run there from Long Beach). I think they may even be having an activity going on this weekend, and the grunion are running.

    Maybe you'll even see my daughter in the aquatic nursery :)

  8. I absolutely love your photos, I feel like I am there with you :)

  9. Love these pics. They remind me of when I was in the Bahamas and we went to Atlantis to check it out. They had a beautiful aquarium and I was absolutely fascinated by the jellyfish.

    That parrot is hilarious!

    Wish I were there too!

  10. Those darn birds just wouldn't look at the camera for us :-)

    A million thanks for making the drive to Long Beach. It was a please to go from "blog friends" to "real life friends" in an afternoon.

    Hope the drive home was easy and so sorry about the leg cramps.

    Happy trails.

  11. Gorgeous photos as always - it's a real pleasure to visit your blog every day. :o)

  12. That looks fantastic! I love aquariums. I love watching fish. I once had a thought they should do a soap opera with fish.

  13. How beautiful, especially love the star fish,
    you didn't eat much today......:-) Hugs

  14. Oh my goodness, you can tell the star fish really love each other! I haven't been to an aquarium in ages! Thank you for these pictures!

  15. Beautiful pictures! What beautiful creatures.

  16. Joanna Jenkins - The pleasure was all mine!
    Thank you for your LA hospitality!
    It was great to meet you.
    Love your blog - you are the best!

    This is like the best trip - EVER for me!

  17. M Pax - a soap opera with fish?
    Let's hope the fish don't get too soapy!
    Lots of bubbles, eh?


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