25 March 2010

antelope slot

This place is famous for photographers from around the world.
Some guy was here from National Geographic.
They were looking at me because all I had was a cell phone camera!
My charger was left behind in California.
Not bad pics, considering they are just point and shoot.
The beauty of the canyon is indescribable anyway; 
No photo from any camera comes close to the experiencing the real thing.
Someone was playing a Native American flute in the background.
It was a real treat!

Monster w/protein
Hamburger no bun
Cashews and peanut mix, Atkins bar.
A whole bunch of Trident gum.
(That can't be good!)

Very emotional day driving today.
Too much caffeine, not enough exercise.
Overstimulated - no "quiet time"
Yet oddly, not enough distractions!
Just a melancholy mix, I guess.

Wish you were here!


  1. And coffee w/sugar free hot chocolate!
    Don't forget that, eh?

  2. ok it is official, I totally totally wish I was there!!!

  3. I am this close to heading for the airport...if only I had my new passport.

    Those pics gave me goosebumps, they are stunning and I can only imagine the feeling of awe when you are really there.

  4. Wow, that place looks awesome. I'm totally jealous of your adventure, but thanks for bringing us along!

  5. Pretty good photos for a camera. When are you going home?

  6. Hey Anne, Sorry about the camera charger-- I usually leave my cell phone charger behind, so I know how you feel.

    My niece has been with me since Sunday so I'm just catching up on your vacation! LOVE the pics, even on your phone they are awesome. It looks like you're having a grand time even when you're a bit melancholy.

    I hope the rest of the day is fun and the drive tomorrow is easy on you. Are you getting close to home???

    Safe travels my friend!

  7. What a lovely picture of you.....and yes Anne I wish I were there........:-) Hugs

  8. Ok these may just be my favorite. I am with Ms. Bernie. YES, I wish I were there. Have a superfantastick day!

  9. You shoulda told 'em you were a professional cell phone photographer...

  10. Hey Jack, how do prisoners make phone calls?
    With "cell" phones!
    Maybe the same with pictures, eh?

  11. Hey look! It worked!
    I am driving home, and these desert wi-fi connections
    are spotty, at best.... see y'all soon.

    And thanks, every one for your kind words and comments!

  12. WOW, I've got to go see that place. Even taken with a cell phone, those pics are fantastic. I can just imagine how wonderful it is in person.
    Safe travels.

  13. You know what I just realized, DUH, the background I have on my computer - is a picture from that location. Now I HAVE to go visit.

  14. Excellent photos from a cellphone. My phone takes much crappier photos.

    What a beautiful place. Very ... ethereal, a reminder of how great is Nature and how small we are. I love those places. :) For some reason, they fill me with peace.

  15. These are the best photos - what an amazing, amazing, place.

  16. THAT'S with your CELL phone???!!! Wow. Incredible photos! I wonder what the Nat'l Geographic guy's looks like. :)

  17. It just seems unreal that this exists! Thank you for bringing this to my living room. Wow. I am in such awe. I can only imagine the experience you are having.

  18. Considering you used your mobile phone's camera, your photos are amazing!


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